The reason I’m not posting any food pics today

I take pride in posting pics of the recipes that only take minutes for me to make.

Today, however is what I call my “Fast Day”. If I’m fasting, then I obviously don’t have any pics to post. Some of you may or may not be familiar with the term “Intermittent fasting” or “IF” but if you haven’t you probably will be hear more about it in the mainstream media as it’s becoming socially acceptable.

I was introduced to the “IF” lifestyle around March 2011 by my good friend and co-author of Fat Loss Forever (FLF) Dan Go. We’ve been friends for about 10 years, and over the last year I’ve seen some great advancements to his physique. I asked him what kind of diet he was on, and that’s when he first told me about IF.

Coming from a similar bodybuilding background in training I thought he was literally joking. From our initial conversation, all I could remember was that he told me not to eat for 24 hours and only eat 2-3 meals within a small time frame. Immediately I was turned off by this diet and thought to myself there is no way I’m going to starve myself for 24 hours to get optimal results. I was so accustomed to eating 4-6 small meals a day that I thought there was no way I could go a full day of fasting, let alone only have 3 meals.

By the end of our conversation Dan gave me a copy of his first published IF book “The easy eating fat loss system”, and a copy of “Eat Stop Eat from” Brad Pilon.

After reading both of the books, there was so much information that made a lot of logical sense. I then realized what I’ve been doing all these years wasn’t wrong because I was getting results out of it, but I could get similar results from an IF diet that could accommodate my busy lifestyle.

The problem with eating 5-6 small meals a day is, that in a corporate world where sometimes meetings, family or social obligations take over your entire day. To balance 5-6 small portioned meals throughout the day and live a busy lifestyle is very difficult to sustain. Training your body to “fast” is a lot easier than spending time in the kitchen when you’re committed to all of your work and social obligations.

IF is not about eating, it’s a very calculated and intelligent form of yo-yo dieting. There has been more than a thousand case studies over the past 10 years. However, fasting has been practiced for centuries amongst various religious ceremonies.

I could write for days on IF, but I strongly recommend you go out and get a copy of Fat Loss Forever. Not only does it save me time from having to do work, but it also provides a complete overview of IF along with a proper diet and training regime that compliment that lifestyle.

On fast day’s I strategically structure my days to consume lots of low calorie liquid and make sure I’m close to a urinal.

Today I consumed close to 5L of water, 2 green teas, and 2 Greens Plus antioxidant drinks to help suppress my appetite.

My next/first meal is scheduled for noon Tuesday. I’ll be keeping this meal to a very small meal and then a larger feast for dinner after my workout. What I’d like to do is list some of the benefits that I’ve personally encountered from IF is the following. This is a variation of what some people call the “warrior diet”.

I’ve found to get optimal results by incorporating a Paleo diet along with the IF lifestyle. TO some it up below are some additional benefits that I’ve personally experienced from an IF lifestyle.

  • It’s an easy way to restrict calories (if your eating 5-6 meals a day this is much trickier to manipulate this)
  • I’ve learned to control my appetite more and a better appreciation for foods. Before I started bodybuilding I had to train myself to eat 5-6 meals a day, all I had to do is re-train myself to fast for 16 hours 4 days a week and fast for 24-36 hours 1-2 times a week.
  • IF is ideal when going on vacation. When I go on an extreme caloric restriction diet before going on vacation, I tend to gorge my face off when I reach my destination. IF allows me to use a cheat day strategy to help aid in my fat loss.

There are many variations of IF research available at your fingertips. FLF covers the different types.  Experimenting with it over the past few months I found the 16/8 model by Martin Berkham to work best for myself.

It takes a few weeks to get used to the IF. The first time you try it, if you’ve never fasted before it’ll probably suck but what do you have to lose?! The research is out there and the results are proven.


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