Work like a Warrior, Eat Like a Warrior. Try this Chicken Salad with Chunky Guacomole

On Tuesday I follow what is called the “warrior diet” made popular by Ori Hofmekler. The premise behind the warrior diet is that it’s modeled after the ancient Roman centurions and Spartan elite, they would eat 1 to 2 meals a day. Typically a small meal in the Morning and a large meal in the evening.

For my first meal I had some leftover chicken and broccoli. However, my portion size was about 20% what I usually eat, so 1/5 of a regular sized plate. I then fasted the entire day until this beast of a meal I made last night.

What you’ll need from the cupboard, and what you’ll need from the fridge


Extra virgin olive oil, Dry Parsley and Basil Flakes


You’ll need a bit of kitchen space to execute this meal.
I start off by coating my cutting board with olive oil, the dry basil and parsley flakes.
On a separate cutting board I put the chicken in between 2 sheets of parchment paper.

This is the fun part: Take a frying pan to flatten out the chicken breast (this is extremely therapeutic…and loud!)

After you’ve flattened the chicken, slash the chicken the breast a few times about 1/2 inch apart.


Turn your pan heat to high.
Take the chicken breast roll it in the olive oil and flakes making sure that the chicken is evenly coated and the oil is getting in between the slivers.

Once you’re done coating the chicken, place it in the hot pan let cook for roughly 4 minutes each side, or until crispy.


Next, wash the cutting board and knife thoroughly. After you’re done washing, gut the avocado and cut it into pieces.

Peel and finely chop the cilantro, cherry tomatoes, and red onion


Don’t forget about the chicken! Check to see if it’s fully cooked, if it is place it in a side bowl, or you can lower the temperature.

After you’ve taken a glance at the chicken, add the cut cilantro, cherry tomatoes, red onion and avocado into a mixing bowl and mix well.


After you’re done mixing, slice the lemon and squeeze 1/2 a lemon into a mixing cup. Add 3 times more olive oil. I like to mix it all together using my magic bullet. Not only does this mix make a great salad dressing but this blend has also been linked to detoxifying your liver and gallbladder.


Cut the lime in half and squeeze the lime juice over the the salad mix. Take out the spinach, and mix it into a separate bowl with the lemon juice and olive oil mix.


Neatly place the 2 types of salad on a serving plate.
Take the chicken and cut it up into nice strips. You’ll notice the juices pouring out of the chicken.
Place it neatly on top of the salad.

This salad is a perfect post workout paleo meal and is loaded with flavours and very rich in protein and vitamins, perfect for a Warrior!


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