Busy day just got busier? How to make healthier eating decisions when on the go.

Eating on the run? Here’s a healthier decision for you, when you’re on the go.


I’ve always made optimal results when cooking the food myself, primarily because I could control whats included in the food I’m eating.

But when my schedule get’s busy, it’s difficult to even make it home in time to cook. Tonight, was one of those nights.

I live in downtown, Toronto. A busy city known for the many types of foods. I’m lucky to be blessed with so many options. With that being said, bad options can easily be made.

I figure if I’m going to eat out, the food better be 2 things: nutritionally healthy (paleo preferred) and better taste comparable or better than what I can make at home.

Typically, instead of getting fast food from an actual fast food restaurant like McDonalds for example. I’ll get food from the hot trays section or salad bar at the grocery store. The food typically is always fresh, and it’s prepared that day.

My favorite grocery store in Toronto is Loblaws on Church and Carlton. Or as many of you may remember the old Maple Leaf Gardens.

If you haven’t been here, it’s a grocery shopping experience that you’ll be very impressed with.


The food was great in terms of selection, from great cuts of chicken breasts and thighs, salmon, ribs and meatballs. Then just a further down they have a wide variety of delicious veggies that are already seasoned and prepared.

As a fairly new Paleo practitioner 6 days a week,this place was perfect! I chose to get the honey glazed salmon, with some greens served with almonds and a an additional side of rapini with garlic along with a bottle of water for…..Wait for it………..$11!

You don’t have to go to this fancy loblaws, but next time you’re on the go. Instead of stopping off at Rotten Ronnies (McDonalds) or street meat (hot dog vendor) try your local grocery store and usually by the front entrance they are making it the norm for having ready-made food on the go that’s healthier and faster than most fast food restaurants.



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