How to pack your workout essentials effectively and efficiently

What I’m about to show you is how I’ve mastered my own system of how to pack effectively and efficiently for the gym. I’ve emptied my bag out completely for you and am about to show you the most space saving and lightest way to travel.


Living downtown Toronto obviously has its perks, one disadvantage I find though is space. When I lived with my parents and drove to the gym it wasnt a big deal for me to pack a big gym bag because my car was an extension of my locker or gym bag. Now that I walk or commute everywhere I’ve learned to be somewhat of a minimalist and pack exactly what I need in a smaller more condensed space.

It all starts with having a reliable backpack that’s easy to carry around and has lots of useful pockets. I bought this Nike live strong ultimatum gym bag almost two years ago and it’s by far the best gym bag I’ve ever owned. It has lots of pockets including 2 large compartments with padded laptop sleeves that perfectly fits my iPad. 1 interior shoe compartment that zips from the bottom. 1 small insulated cooler zipper front pocket for your drink or storage. An elastic compartment that allows you to quickly pack away your gear without zippers and a padded back and shoulder straps for extra comfort and support. (can you tell I work in sales?)


Now that I’ve given you features and functionalities of my bag, lets begin to pack! I start off with my clothes and kicks, I try not to wear or pack anything too thick like cotton t shirts, sweaters or jogging pants. Not only does it get too hot when you’re in the gym but it takes up a lot of space in your bag. I packed some dri-fit shirt, shorts and socks and a change of boxer briefs, along with my kicks, and I use the bottom shoe component to store it all. The dri-fit material works best for me because it keeps me comfortable when breaking a sweat.


The key to packing my gym clothes is using the “clown car” style of packing. I start off by rolling my shorts and my boxers like a soft taco or pita and make sure I pack it tight so it fits perfectly into my shoe.


I then take my low cut nike dri fit socks and pack one sock into the next. I then fold into a ball and stuff it deep into the other shoe.


The next step is to take my gym shirt. Once again a dry fit type material, and I roll it up and stuff it into the shoe with my sock. Make sure you pack it tight to maximize your space.

With the Livestrong ultimatum bag interior shoe compartment, it allows me to easily store my shoes and clothes conveniently into the compartment. If I have dirty shoes or if my clothes are dripping in sweat, it won’t effect the other materials in my bag because of this separate compartment.


The next thing I pack is my vitamins, daily supplements and pre workout mix.

Top image : from left to right-

Jak3d (a powerful pre-workout supplement with arganine, creatine and beta alanine) this intense nitric-oxide mix provides me with a good boost before my workout. I get great pumps, long lasting energy and minimal crash with this supplement compared to others.

Morning Multivitamin pack from visalus. Omega 3 oils, Multivitamin and b12 and D mix. Part of my daily mix, I usually take this at work.

Alpha Brain– a powerful nootropic designed to help with cognitive enhancement. I’ll be writing a seperate blog dedicated strictly to my alpha brain review.

Shroom Tech sport– This is a new supplement I’m trying out. The main ingredient is cordyceps. The ingredient cordyceps was popularized in the 1993 National games by the Chinese team as they broke 5 world records, the beijing coach told the committee that they weren’t taking anything illegal but did say he provided his team cordyceps. I’ll also be writing a seperate blog to review this supplement.


I like to use my side compartment to pack my ipod touch, iLuv ipod case, gym lock and another device I never go to the gym without, my iLuv bluetooth headset.

The bluetooth headset device is great because of the durability and ability to be free without dangling wires getting in the way.

With previous headphones or ear buds I find that the ear buds fall out of my ears when I’m doing cardio or even lifting weights, either because my ears were too small or the wires got in the way.  The sound quality is great also as it provides a noise cancelling feature, great to avoid the grunting guy beside you.


The last thing I packed tonight was my protein powder in my main compartment. I usually leave it at home but I had a busy day ahead and wanted to have some powder readily available just in case I don’t  have time to grab a bite to eat or needed a snack.

I’m trying out Visalus vi-shake. It’s the first week with this powder and it tastes great with pretty much anything including water.  It’s about 90 calories, with 1 g of fat, 7 g of carbs and 25 grams of protein per serving. I’ve never been to keen on having a protein supplement to take over your diet so I want to make sure I’m using something that tastes great. This definitely does the trick.

The last thing I pack is my Fiji bottle, that I can easily store in the elastic compartment. I always make sure to travel with a bottle of water to get my minimum 3 litres a day. If I don’t have a bottle of fiji I also have a re-usable BPA Free water bottle that I like to travel with.


Hope this works for you guys. I’ve gone through countless of gym bags and different ways of packing and so far this method has been the fastest way of packing and also most comfortable way of travelling.


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