Gatorade or Protein shake after your workout?! Try this Natural Protein and Electrolyte enhanced smoothie!

Marketing and fitness magazines has taught us over the years that Gatorade and/or protein shakes are the best things to consume after a workout. They were both right!

It’s important to hydrate yourself with electrolytes after your workout to balance out your pH levels. Gatorade provides synthetic sugars and carbohydrates that also aid us to drink more, but also provide energy to our depleted muscles.

Just as important it is to fuel your body with carbohydrates after a workout. It’s  essential to repair and re-build your muscles with protein. Liquid protein provides faster absorption and is a lot easier to digest than eating a can of tuna.

But have you ever mixed gatorade with protein powder? If so, you’ve probably know what “ass” tastes like by now.

However, with the supplement market today, the new artificial flavours of protein shakes and gatorade combined can get some pretty good flavours, with a few experiments.

Instead, I’ll make it easier for you! Here’s a simple smoothie recipe using natural ingredients that will make your gatorade/protein powder mix taste like toilet water.

What you’ll need to get started:

Protein powder: (I’m trying Visalus sweet cream flavour) 90 calories, 1g fat, 7g carbs and 12G protein per serving.
Organic Berries: I use strawberries and blackberries because they are loaded with antioxidants, fibre and low in calories, and an excellent source of calcium.
1/2 Banana: An excellent source of potassium. If you’ve done heavy lifting or a lactic acid type of workout. Bananas are great to avoid any sort of cramping.
Coconut Water: This is great by itself, it’s a fat free, low calorie drink. but the micronutrients give this beverage its health power. It also boasts 252 milligrams of sodium, 600 milligrams of potassium, 60 milligrams of magnesium and 58 milligrams of calcium. Sodium and potassium are critical electrolytes that must be replaced after workouts that’s the niche Gatorade and other sports drinks fill, but coconut water appears to be a more effective post workout recovery drink.
Blender: In this case, a nice cheap magic bullet!

Here the hard part. Are you ready?! Pour half a cup of coconut water into the blender, add about 3 strawberries and blackberries, throw in half a banana. Are you following me still??

Next throw in 2 and a half generous scoops of Visalus protein powder. Close your magic bullet lid and blend for a good 10-15 seconds.

Once it’s done blending. Remove from the magic bullet and enjoy!

Cals 298
Fat 4g
Carbs 50g
Fiber 11g
Protein 15g
Sugars 33g


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