Hangover Cure of the Week! Tigers love Cayenne, They hate cinnamon

Spring weather in Toronto has been so warm that restaurant businesses are maximizing the early start to patio season. The weekends are when they make their killing and I know a lot of my co workers and friends plan on enjoying some “cold ones” outside in the sun. Some of them may be enjoying a few more than they can really handle.

Without a doubt, the worst part of getting drunk with your friends/co-workers is waking up with the “Hangover”. We all hate waking up with that headache that just won’t go away. Over the next few Fridays I plan on putting together a series of hangover cures that’ll help fix that pounding head, all the while keeping your healthy options in mind.

This weeks hangover installment is loaded with vitamins A and C. The Coconut water mixed with the mango also provides a great boost of energy, it’s low in calories and no fat. I’ve added cayenne pepper to give it that spicy kick and it also aids as a natural thermogenic which helps with fat loss, the cayenne pepper also aids in digestion which will be perfect especially if you had hard liquor the night before.

So here is what you’ll need.


2 cups of frozen mango chunks
2 cups of unsweetened coconut water
1 lime
Pinch of cayenne pepper


Mix all the ingredients into a blender and serve! Not only does this drink have this amazing sweet taste with the coconut and mango mix but the lime adds that little bit of sour acids that help you kill all that alcohol and the cayenne pepper adds that spicy kick which is great for detoxing after a hard night of drinks with your co workers/friends.



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