The Instagram Phenomena, and Using It As a Diet Tracking Tool

If you haven’t already seen the Instagram logo appear as one of the most downloaded photo apps in the app store, or if you haven’t seen your friends or people you follow, tweet or post with Instagram. How the heck did you find my site?!

Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows you to share photos with your friends/followers through this interface. It’s a viable replacement for a point and shoot that makes your everyday photos look wonderful by quickly transforming your photos in this easy to use format. Over 15 million users share photos in 17 different filters and it’s almost impossible to take bad photos using instagram.

Instagram is great to see what you’re friends are doing and if you’re a photography lover like myself it can be pretty entertaining. Over the last week I’ve been making my paleo inspired meals and have been using the instagram photo app to share what I’m eating and how to make my meals look a lot nicer than my real presentation.

I personally enjoy sharing my what I eat with my social network because it shows my dedication to eating healthy, and I want to help inspire as much people as possible to do the same and have fun with it. My 5 year goal is to release a cook book and online channel featuring  my  paleo inspired meals. I hope you enjoy my journey!

Last week, I purposely took a photo of the meals I ate that day. For each day I pretty much ate what you see throughout the day.

Take a look at my instagram meals of the week!


Tuesday Meal: Protein packed Egg and Spinach Salad

1 cup of Salad
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
1/2 can of Albacore White Tuna
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
3 Sun dried Tomatoes

47 G Of Protein 9g of Carbs 16g of Fat


Wednesday Meal My Ancient Greek Salad (Paleo inspired) 

3 Chicken Souvlaki Skewers
1 Cup of Lettuce
1 Tbspn Extra Virgin olive oil
1/2 Avocado
8 Cherry tomatoes

30G protein 12g Carbs 10g Fat


Thursday Meal: Spicy and Salty Egg Spinach Salad

1 cup of Spinach
3 egg whites
1 cup organic habanero salsa
1 pinch Jamie Oliver chili salt

20g Protein 6g Carbs 1g Fat


Friday Meal: Egg White and Avocado Spinach Salad

2 hard boiled egg whites
1/2 Avocado
1 cup of Spinach
pinch of Chili Salt

10g Protein 1g Carbs 5g Fat


At the end of a hard dieting week I like to give myself one cheat meal. I’m currently following the Fat Loss Forever Diet and love how it allows me to eat whatever I want on Sunday because it offers such a great strategy on how to rebound from days where you eat like this. I strongly recommend you learn it.

This weeks cheat meal is Chicken and Waffles courtesy of The Drake Hotel in Toronto.

36g of Protein 97g of Carbs 65g of Fat…OH MY!!! Was it worth eating all those salads all week long to have this 1100 Calorie Meal loaded with sugars and fat?! Hell Ya!

I love living a paleo lifestyle but I also do love indulging in the finer foods in life and I want to be as honest as possible with you to what I’m eating and how I’m putting it together. If you want to keep up to date with what I’m doing be sure to download instagram and follow me: christiangolez

Happy picture taking this week!


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