What you can learn from James Cameron’s Rock Bottom drop and how it could be the best thing to happen to your Body

Yesterday, Mega-Movie producer and fellow Canadian James Cameron made history again. Not for releasing another blockbuster movie, but for hitting the rock bottom, the lowest point in earth. Literally!

Cameron, became the first human to travel to the deepest part of the sea Sunday night. Cameron travelled over 35,000 feet or 7 Miles to reach the bottom of the ocean. This was something that he envisioned since the “1960’s” What I loved most about this story is Cameron’s tweet to the world after he landed:

Just like a typical James Cameron movie, there is so much you can learn from this accomplishment. Avatar taught us the importance of taking care of our environment. Titanic was the classic love story between two different social classes, and Terminator taught us, well, don’t mess with Arnold!

What James Cameron’s underwater dive means to me is that he had a benchmark to how far down he was going to travel. You may have hit rock bottom with your body at one point in your life, where you were the most out of shape you’ve ever been, or maybe you’re experiencing it for the first time.

We’ve all experienced a time in our lives where we were unhappy with the way we look or feel about our bodies. I personally hit my “rock bottom” when I first started working in the office about 10 years ago. I went from 150lbs of lean muscle 29 inch waist to 185lbs of office flab with a 34 inch waist.

I worked in the office for just over a year and let my career and work environment take priority over my healthy habits. After I gained all that weight, my girlfriend at the time and I broke up, and I was back on the market. It was a rough time for me because I hated the way I looked and felt because I willingly let myself go.

Luckily for me, this series of life changing events was a wake up call and it was my benchmark to get back into the shape I used to be. I was determined to be in best shape of my life and never visit the bottom of the ocean again. It’s important to benchmark your “rock bottom” and not fall into the “bottomless ocean”. Unfortunately, some people let themselves go and keep going and going.

I can relate to James Cameron when he said hitting rock bottom never felt so good, because it helped me realize that eventually you’ll stop at the “lowest point”. Once your down there and realize you can’t stay there forever, you can appreciate what’s on top of the surface.

This life changing event was such an eye opener looking back. Now I understand that when you’re uncomfortable with the way you look and feel about your body. It affects the way you think, the way you view things, and in many cases the way people view you. It’s a roller coaster effect of uncomfortable feelings.

I was fortunate to hit rock bottom because I was able to experience first hand what it feels like to feel extremely uncomfortable with my body and be able to get out of that situation.

James Cameron said it best when he came from the bottom of the world with this tweet:

I hope that my advice and fitness tips help you find the sun and stay in it!

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