Just say no to the combo with Soda! Here’s a perfect substitute to help wash down your foods.

The other day I went to the food court for lunch with my colleague and I was convincing him not to get the his Greek chicken salad with a soda. My sarcastic humour told him that he may as well have ordered a bag of jelly bellys to wash his salad down.

I insisted that he drink water instead. His reasoning for his choice in soda was that water was too “boring”? I could tell my guilt trip kicked in, so he caved in and bought the water. As he was paying, he started to mumble how really wanted the soda, so before we sat down I asked the lady behind the counter if I could have a lemon. She looked at me odd, so she went to the back and got me one!

I told my colleague to try putting lemon wedges in your water to add some pizzaz to your daily fluid intake.


Not only does adding lemons to your water taste better than drinking “boring” water, but it has a ton of great benefits! Here are the top 3.

1) Aids in digestion– When you eat your body requires enzymes and digestive juices produced from your liver to break down the food nutrients. The lemons citric acids helps your liver produce bile that helps with absorption of the foods. Lemon water also acts as a diuretic to help you properly flush out any toxins that your body may be carrying around.

2) Helps with weight loss– Lemon in your water not only has zero calories when you drink it but it also has pectin fibre which helps kill your appetite much like coffee or tea.

3) Contains Vitamins and Minerals– You definitely won’t get those out of your soda. The lemon water contains vitamin C which is great for boosting your immune system and can also aid in cleaning your skin.

So if you think you’re making a smarter decision by asking for the Diet Coke, think again. Ask for a water and try spraying some lemon juice in it.

I love to hear your feedback, feel free to comment below and if you like what you see, and share this with your friends that you go to lunch with!


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