The Must Have Medicine for the Office

Did you know studies show that 40% of Americans find their jobs extremely or very stressful?

On Sunday I went to the book store and was reading a lot of books on how to reduce stress at the workplace, and the best remedy that a lot of books talk about is simple: Laughter.

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Hangover cure of the week, Don’t Drink! 4 Tips to Avoid Social Drinking

My co workers and many circles of friends  live for the weekend. I truly do love them and love to be around them, but I made a promise to myself that for the rest of 2012 that I’d cut drinking alcohol to once a week.

One of the reasons I plan on doing this is because I’ll be going on a vacation to the Bahamas in June for a few days, and in between that time I’ll be doing a fitness photo shoot for my site. I want to make sure that I’m in great shape for this shoot so I decided I’ll be staying away from alcohol until then.

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Ground Turkey Stuffed Paleo Peppers

Since I started this site, one thing on my list of  recipes to make was a paleo stuffed pepper. Surprisingly, I’ve actually never made stuffed peppers. So I was determined to do both last month when I had Easter dinner with my family.

Peppers are a great source for vitamins A,C,K they are also used to help decrease the blood cholesterol, boost immunity and kill bacteria that could lead to ulcers. I didn’t want to show up empty-handed to my parents house so I made this paleo inspired meal to get my family eating healthier. This dish only took about 45 minutes all together, but I was feeding for 6 and this dish was easily enjoyed by everybody!

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My Paleo World Explained

I want to apologize to many of you who may have been reading my blog and I’ve used the word “Paleo” in a lot of my titles without really explaining what it is. Well, in case you’re not aware of the Paleo diet as of now I want to explain to you in the most common terms, what exactly is the Paleo Diet.

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Optimize Your Positivity This Week

Disclaimer I’m not a certified doctor, but the information below is strictly based on my personal experiences. Now continue reading and please don’t try and sue me.

One of the problems I constantly hear around the office is “I didn’t get a proper night’s sleep” or “I couldn’t sleep last night”.

Have you ever had night’s where you just can’t get a good nights sleep and it’s effected the way you perform during the next day? Of course, we all have! If you’ve ever experienced so much stress in one week that you can’t get any sleep that night. Stress can lead to so many things such as insomnia, weight gain or weight loss without diet and headaches to name a few according to the American Institute of Stress.

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Weekend Cheat Meal Review: The Burger Stomper Gourmet Burger and Milkshake Bar

If I was on death row and they asked me to order my last meal, it would be a toss up between a lot of options. Would I go for a succulent steak? Or a juicy lobster? I know for sure I’d be more concerned about what I’d pick for my last meal than my last minutes on earth. Okay probably not! 

One item for sure on that list of options would be the good ole’ classic American burger! This past weekend I was craving a great burger so I went to the Burger Stomper Gourmet Milkshake and Bar, located on the Danforth in Toronto Canada. You can follow them twitter @burgerstomperbr or

If Philadelphia is known for its cheese steaks, New York is known for its Pizza. If you look at  Toronto over the past few years it’d be known for its burgers. If you read any restaurant reviews on sites like chowhound, yelp, or blogto. You’ll notice that there has been a boom in different burger joints that have opened across the city. Making it a very competitive marketplace to serve the city with a great burger. I remember as a kid growing up during the 80’s and 90’s in Toronto, the most popular place to grab a unique burger were places like Johnny’s, Burger Hut or Dangerous Dan’s. Nowadays you can get into a pretty intellectual argument with who serves the best burger in the city.

Now I will say that I’m a little bias towards this place because I personally know the two owners of the burger stomper and consider them good friends. What I will say to that though, is I wouldn’t tell you or recommend anything that I fully didn’t 100% in what I’m writing. The common question I get asked when people ask me about Burger Stomper is “Is it better than Burgers Priest?” To That I say, you’ll have to try for yourself. What I will say though is that if you go to Burger Stomper you can expect an experience every time you order from the menu. Each burger has such a unique taste and no one burger will taste like the next burger. The fact that each burger has such a unique taste, I’d recommend going to this comfortable establishment with a co-worker or friend so you can split a burger an experience each one to figure out what you like best.

Pictured below: The burger stomper in action

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Hangover Paleo Omelet Cure

Fact or fiction? Junk food cures your hangover!?

It’s very common for people to eat junk food after a hard night of drinking because they believe it’ll cure their hangovers. Studies have shown that fatty foods the morning after will irritate your stomach after a hard night of drinking as oppose to helping it. It is a fact that junk food will help prevent you from a hangover because the fatty foods will provide a lining around your stomach to prevent the absorption of alcohol.

Then why is it though we crave junk food after we drink? Is it because we believe it will fix us? Well, it’s an ongoing debate. I’ve researched answers and people tell me it’s because it’s fast and convenient, or i’ll hear it’s because our body craves sugar. I think the funniest one though was because “you’re probably still drunk”.

This weeks hangover cure is the perfect remedy if you enjoy eating fatty food, but at the same time need a cure. We’ll be working with Eggs as they are a perfect breakfast meal because they provide a great source of energy. The key though is eggs do also contain large amounts of cysteine, the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver’s easily depleted glutathione.

Therefore, eggs can potentially help mop up the left-over toxins. So this week we’ll be making a vitamin rich and delicious omelette that’ll be so good you’ll help relieve your hangover and satisfy that fatty food craving you have. Credits to my favorite chef Jamie Oliver for providing me with the tasty recipe.

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Office Yoga Series- Desk Setup

My good friend and amazing yoga instructor Ms. Victoria Chin came into the office to help with a put together my Office Yoga video series. Victoria and I will be going over some office friendly yoga stretches and moves to keep you from long term aches and pains.

For the first installment of our office yoga videos I wanted to start with desk setup and proper posture. The human body wasn’t designed to sit down all day, but most of you spend it day on your butts.

Take a look at the video and follow these 3 simple tips when you’re in front of the computer:

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Protein Paleo Pudding

When I decided to go Paleo, I accepted the fact that I’d have to say goodbye to a lot of the deserts that I loved so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still indulge in birthday cakes and chocolate bars now and then. However, I try to keep my non paleo meals to once a week or what some of you may call a “cheat day”.

The one dessert that I loved so much and wanted to find a way to keep was “pudding’. So I decided to come up with this quick solution I made during break at the office.

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Who says you can’t have dessert after a workout? Try Stuffed Almond Butter and Chocolate Protein Bar Bananas

After a workout you want to be replenished. If I’m having a low carb day I crave sugar or some sort of sweets. Usually, I’ll have a scoop of almond butter or a protein shake to satisfy that craving and it does the trick. This time though, I wanted something with a bit more substance so I gave this new recipe a try. I took this recipe out of Jamie Olivers cookbook and substituted the chocolate for a protein bar.

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