Are you operating a little slower on Mondays? Learn how my “Smart Drug” experience has helped cure my case of the “Mondays”. Part 1 Nootropics

Disclaimer I’m not a certified doctor, but the information below is strictly based on my 2 month personal experience. Now continue reading and please don’t try and sue me.

Do you get the case of the “Mondays”? I know that only a few months ago I’d walk into the office on Monday’s and my thoughts would be 2 minutes too slow. I’d have conversations with my clients and coworkers and it would take me longer than usual to collect my thoughts before I speak or act on an assignment. Sound familiar?! I was once one of those guys who’d need a boost of caffeine to get me through my Monday morning.

Nowadays, I walk into the office on Mondays with the boost of energy similar to what I’d have walking into the office like it was Friday morning. A big reason why I feel this way is because of this nootropic called Alpha Brain.

So what are nootropics? The easiest way for me to explain this to you is if you’ve ever seen the movie “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper. He takes this “smart drug/nootropic” that essentially took him from a deadbeat to a multi millionaire in 2 weeks. Watch the video below and take a look at what Hollywood’s version of a nootropic is.

Now if you’ve seen the movie, you know that there is a downfall to this smart drug. The nootropic Alpha brain is not even close to what Limitless portrays. It’s not going to make you finish a full report at work in half the amount of time you were intended to, or become a rocket scientist overnight.

What I will say though is that since I’ve been taking Alpha Brain I’ve been a lot more focused and driven, my creativity has increased, and I have been a lot more task oriented and have decreased making excuses up for not doing things, such as go to the gym after work. Yes, sometimes I also make excuses up not to go to the gym because of work also. When in fact they are just excuses not quantified reasons not to go.

With Alpha Brain it’s a cognitive enhancement. If I tell myself i’m going to the gym the day before, ill go to the gym. This also helps me with my mental function, words come very easy to me, I have new ideas in my head that I’ll remember later on in the day and act on them. Before I started taking nootropics I definitely wasn’t writing as much as before. Nootropics make me feel clear. It helps even you out.

A close friend of mine who’s a dentist has been using Alpha brain for a few months, and I’ve noticed that he’s a lot more ambitious with his career. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t consider him and I low lives or individuals like Bradley Cooper was. However, since taking Alpha Brain, a lot of the goals and ambitions that we’ve talked about now have had a lot more action implemented than before taking alpha brain.

Alpha brain has allowed me to focus on my short term and long term goals with more clarity and less distraction.

From the research I’ve done on Nootropics is that it aids in elevating dopamine and GABA levels in your brain, which can help you with creativity, writing, strategy, testing, memory and lucid dreaming.

Placebo effect?! Possibly! Like I said earlier, I’m not a doctor of any sort of neuro specialist but what I do know is that it has helped me accomplish more, have a clearer mental state, and has improved my presentation skills with my clients, as I find I’m not searching for words when i’m going through a presentation with my clients.


Lucid dreams, My dreams have been a lot more vivid. Before taking nootropics, I I found that I would wake up not remembering my dreams. Since taking Alpha brain I’d wake up having a clear memory of my dreams and being able to recollect what I was dreaming about. At times, I’d even wake up from my dream and be able to fall back to sleep into the same dream (sounds pretty crazy I know but it’s happened on several occasions)

By experiencing lucid dreaming your body also goes into REM sleep (rapid eye movement) the state of dreaming. In this state your body also releases more GH which helps with fat loss and muscle recovery.

Part 2 of this blog I’ll be discussing more on Alpha Brain and the benefits of lucid dreaming and how it relates to your mental and physical state.

If your interested in Alpha Brain and want to hear a real life testimonial on this powerful nootropic please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I’ll do my best to give share my experiences with you.

To purchase Alpha brain please visit and you can use my last name: GOLEZ to save 10% on your order.

I don’t want to end this blog sounding like a sales advertisement for Alpha Brain, so yes, I do get a kickback if you do order alpha brain with my codename but I wouldn’t be promoting a product on my blog if I didn’t believe in it. Especially if I want you to keep reading my stuff, I would lose all credibility with you if it didn’t work.

If you want to try other nootropics there are also plenty other ones in the market such as 5 HTP, gingko baloba and tyrosin. I have tried the other nootropics, but I can honestly say they did help out, but nothing as effective as alpha brain.


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