Enjoy your long weekend! 5 Fitness Reminders for the Holidays

For many of us we’ll get to enjoy a long weekend with friends and family. It can be difficult at times like this to stick to your diet and fitness plan with these social obligations. The Easter long weekend for my family means getting together and watching the kids hunt for Easter eggs and of course gorge on Mom’s amazing feasts.

Here are 5 rules to not fall too far off the wagon this weekend.

1) Help prepare the food with your friends/family: Focus on your being social when you’re doing this. When I prepare food with other people I’m not sitting around waiting to eat like a hungry dog waiting to be served. When you’re working on the preparing the meal you’re hands are too busy either cutting, washing or cooking. It avoids sitting around snacking. Catch up with what’s new with the people around you instead of stuffing your face. If you’re preparing the dinner this also gives you the advantage because you can make something healthier than what you typically would eat. (see eat better section of my site for recipes)

2) Stay Active: Just because you’re taking time off of work doesn’t mean your fitness should have a long weekend also. Make your way to the gym at least once this weekend. Now that the weather is getting better,  encourage your family and friends to go outside for a walk.

3) Drink responsibly: Instead of having sodas or juices with your meal, try water with a splash of lemon or you can also try sparkling water if you like the carbonated drinks. If you’ll be drinking alcohol try to stick to red or white wines instead of hard alcohol.

4) Cheat Smart: Don’t be miserable watching everybody around you eat. You’re around the closest people in your life and you should share the moment with them. Eat dessert, have some snacks but be conscious about what you’re doing

5) Undo the damage: If you have not managed to follow steps 1-4 undo the damage by balancing out the next day. I personally do a full “fast” day after a cheat day where I’ll go a whole day without eating. Intermittent Fasting is a increasingly popular, yet still somewhat controversial lifestyle that has been changing the fitness industry. There are a lot of great resources online to read about IF lifestyle. My personal favourite is http://www.thefatlossninja.com. I understand that if you’ve never fasted before it’ll be difficult, so what I’d recommend is if this is too difficult after your cheat day start your next morning after your heavy meal by having a glass of water, and green tea for breakfast. Try to hold that over until noon by staying hydrated. Keep that day to a “low calorie” day if you can’t fast the entire day. Make sure you drink lots of water the entire day.

I hope that you have a great holiday weekend with your friends and family! I apologize in advance, but my posts next week won’t be as frequent as I’ll be focusing on a few projects for my site to make it easier for you to navigate and also putting together this in depth report on getting into the best shape of your life while working in the office from 9-5.  I’ll also be covering Toronto Underground Food Market this weekend.

Please follow me on twitter @christiangolez or instagram @christiangolez to get up to date info on The Underground Food Market yumtum.ca

Please share or post if you like this info! Have a great weekend!


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