The Working Man’s Fitness Plan: Coverage of the Toronto Underground Food Market

Warning: The Material and images below may cause you to deviate from your diet. Christian Golez and the Working Mans fitness plan does encourage you to enjoy this blog and keep eating healthy throughout the week.

I wanted to share with you my very first experience of the Toronto Underground Food Market. As a self proclaimed “foodie” I came across this event on twitter. I want to share with you my personal experience as a first time goer of this amazing event that I’m still salivating about.

I want to provide you with a quick overview, my top 10 tips for TUM and some pictures that’ll have you wanting more of Toronto’s Underground Market.


The purpose of the Underground Market is to provide the Toronto community the opportunity to sample the food of some aspiring top chefs, entrepreneurs, or just plain foodies like myself who have a passion for cooking. The events are held at the Evergreen Brick Works 550 Bayview Avenue. If you’ve never been there before, it’s an upscale farmers market. The event is held in the kilns building at the evergreen brick works, it’s spacious at 52,000 sq feet. However, with the amount of vendors and people in attendance, you’re still trying to squeeze through lines if you’re trying to get through.

I commuted with my girlfriend to Broadview station and the event provided a free shuttle bus that comes around to pick you up every 30 minutes. The event started at 6PM and we showed up at 5:30 only to find ourselves stuck in a humoungous line of people waiting already.

We didnt’ wait in line too long, once the doors opened up at 6PM they let small groups go in as it would help control the flow for the vendors. We were inside the event by 6:15PM, they provide you with a wristband and a map of the venue. The map had 30 stations that you can visit, some of the stations were drink tickets, alcohol vendors and a water station. So there were roughly 20-25 food vendors at the event.

If you plan on attending here are myTOP 10 Tips:

1) Dress appropriately for the weather: The venue has an open concept, so there is no roof in some areas. The next TUM event will be in the summer so you should be safe if you wear something light. It did get a little chilly at time yesterday and all I wore was a sweater and jeans.

2) Bring tupperware: I had people in line telling me that I was so smart for doing this. You’ll realize that there is a lot of great food at the event, but your stomach can only fit soo much. Also, you can only carry so much plates in your hand. I brought a large tupperware with some aluminum foil to wrap any leftovers.

3) Bring a bottle of water: I brought a large refilable water with me, when you’re waiting in line it comes in handy on top of that it helps wash the food down. They have a water station at the event that allows you to refill your plastic bottles, cups etc. I drink lots of water naturally so I carry my bottle around everywhere.

4) Bring lots of cash if you plan on eating: The meals are pretty inexpensive from $5-10 but the vendors only take cash, the ATM at the venue broke down early.

5) Get to the event early: Some vendors ran out of food early, so if you plan on coming at 8PM you may miss out on some of the food.

6) Go in a large group, and split up: If you do go with a group of people split up in different lines and order for the group as some lines can be very long.

7) Talk to other people at the venue: Find out what they liked the best, ask other people where they got certain foods that may catch your eye. Each TUM has different vendors and it’s good to know what other people enjoyed.

8) Lineup in the big lines early: I found out about this one vendor Fidel gastros from soem other guests at the evnt while I was lining up for the jalapeno grill cheese. I was lined up for fidels at 8:30 and they were already sold out of 2 sandwiches.

9) Take business cards:Most of these vendors don’t have restaurants or places that you can try there food. So if you enjoyed what you ate and want more, take thier business cards as most of them do catering of some sort.

10) Have fun and pace yourself: Go with an appetite but don’t gorge your face all at once. There will be lots of food that you’ll want to try but you just can’t stomach if your eating too much. Use your tupperware to bank the food for later and make sure you pace yourself so you can enjoy all the differnt flavors.

For all you foodies out there this is an amazing event to attend as you’ll get to experience some of Toronto’s aspiring chefs and hidden flavors. Here’s a quick recap of some of the foods at the event.

For more pictures of this event be sure to add me to instagram @christiangolez or twitter@christiangolez

Below: Canele, a delcious French Pastry

Below: This was sold out early, Pork bun from Fidel Gastros @fidelgastros twitter.

Below: Jalepneno Grilled Cheese Sandwich on corn bread….MMMMM

If you’re a foodie like me, please share this with your co workers, friends, and family. Your feedback is appreciated below!


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