Meetings all day? Keep an emergency stash of goods to keep your eating habits healthy

It’s common in the morning to wake up  late and not have time to prepare your meals for the day  just so you can make it to the office in time. Sometimes you’re running so behind you can barely get a coffee in the morning! Here’s a remedy to get your caffeine fix along with your much needed protein for muscle repair.

I like to keep a bag of protein powder at my office or in my gym bag close by, as some days I ‘m running from meetings to meetings I may miss having a meal or not eat at all. I took a snapshot for you  of what I keep in my office cupboard to prepare for busy days. 2 unopened boxes of almond milk, a bottle of almond peanut butter, agave syrup and bag of protein powder.

On top of all my meetings today, I had  lunch and learns and instead of snacking on the usual pizza or sandwiches they provide, I maintained my healthy lifestyle, so I used what resources I had kicking around the office. Luckily, this morning they provided coffee, so here’s what I was able to whip up to keep my appetite at bay while refueling my muscles for the day.

1 cup of Starbucks Iced coffee (in orange shaker cup)
1/4 cup of almond milk unsweetened
1 tspn on Agave nectar syrup
2 scoops of visalus protein powder
1 shaker cup.


Mix and enjoy! I’m not a big coffee drinker but I do like my protein shakes mixed with something. Next time your office orders pizza try to say no and curb your appetite a bit with this healthier option. The caffeine will keep you going for another round of meetings and the protein powder will help you get through another round of tough workouts!

Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think, your feedback and comments are much appreciated!


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