Who says you can’t have dessert after a workout? Try Stuffed Almond Butter and Chocolate Protein Bar Bananas

After a workout you want to be replenished. If I’m having a low carb day I crave sugar or some sort of sweets. Usually, I’ll have a scoop of almond butter or a protein shake to satisfy that craving and it does the trick. This time though, I wanted something with a bit more substance so I gave this new recipe a try. I took this recipe out of Jamie Olivers cookbook and substituted the chocolate for a protein bar.

What you’ll need is just a few small items.

1 banana
1 protein bar
1 tablespoon of almond butter
Aluminum foil
Spoon and lots of napkins
Frying pan
Turn the pan on to medium heat

Break the protein bar into small even sized peices

With a sharp knife, slit the bananas from the top to bottom and place on a clean cutting board

Push 4 pieces of chocolate through the slit of the banana and add some almond butter on top to make sure it’s glued in nice and tight.

Wrap the banana in double layer of aluminum foil

Place on the pan and let cook for 10-15 minutes

Carefully unwrap the bananas and serve with teaspoons to scoop the chocolate out of the banana and enjoy!


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