Office Yoga Series- Desk Setup

My good friend and amazing yoga instructor Ms. Victoria Chin came into the office to help with a put together my Office Yoga video series. Victoria and I will be going over some office friendly yoga stretches and moves to keep you from long term aches and pains.

For the first installment of our office yoga videos I wanted to start with desk setup and proper posture. The human body wasn’t designed to sit down all day, but most of you spend it day on your butts.

Take a look at the video and follow these 3 simple tips when you’re in front of the computer:

1) Tuck your chair in comfortably: Sit in your chair so you can naturally sit at a 90 degree angle.

2) Adjust your chair if you need to: Don’t make your body sit 90 degrees if your chair isn’t stationed properly, play around with the settings to make sure you are comfortable.

3) Comfort: Take a few deep breaths in your chair and make sure you are comfortable. Sitting in this new position may not feel as comfortable as slouching, but your back will be thanking Vicky in the end.

Hope you enjoyed this video, if this is something that you enjoyed please share it with your co workers, family and friends! Love to hear your feedback so feel free to leave your comments below.


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