Weekend Cheat Meal Review: The Burger Stomper Gourmet Burger and Milkshake Bar

If I was on death row and they asked me to order my last meal, it would be a toss up between a lot of options. Would I go for a succulent steak? Or a juicy lobster? I know for sure I’d be more concerned about what I’d pick for my last meal than my last minutes on earth. Okay probably not! 

One item for sure on that list of options would be the good ole’ classic American burger! This past weekend I was craving a great burger so I went to the Burger Stomper Gourmet Milkshake and Bar, located on the Danforth in Toronto Canada. You can follow them twitter @burgerstomperbr or http://www.burgerstomperbar.com.

If Philadelphia is known for its cheese steaks, New York is known for its Pizza. If you look at  Toronto over the past few years it’d be known for its burgers. If you read any restaurant reviews on sites like chowhound, yelp, or blogto. You’ll notice that there has been a boom in different burger joints that have opened across the city. Making it a very competitive marketplace to serve the city with a great burger. I remember as a kid growing up during the 80’s and 90’s in Toronto, the most popular place to grab a unique burger were places like Johnny’s, Burger Hut or Dangerous Dan’s. Nowadays you can get into a pretty intellectual argument with who serves the best burger in the city.

Now I will say that I’m a little bias towards this place because I personally know the two owners of the burger stomper and consider them good friends. What I will say to that though, is I wouldn’t tell you or recommend anything that I fully didn’t 100% in what I’m writing. The common question I get asked when people ask me about Burger Stomper is “Is it better than Burgers Priest?” To That I say, you’ll have to try for yourself. What I will say though is that if you go to Burger Stomper you can expect an experience every time you order from the menu. Each burger has such a unique taste and no one burger will taste like the next burger. The fact that each burger has such a unique taste, I’d recommend going to this comfortable establishment with a co-worker or friend so you can split a burger an experience each one to figure out what you like best.

Pictured below: The burger stomper in action http://www.burgerstomper.com

Although this is my “cheat meal” and your essentially not putting any  limitations to your diet that day. I still like to enjoy good quality food. Burger Stomper uses top quality AAA beef that comes in fresh and never been frozen. The bacon that they use is cooked to crisp perfection. The onion rings have the perfect juiciness and when you take a bite out of the onion ring, you don’t have to worry about the piece of onion flying out.

The burgers that we had this weekend were “Better than the other guy” which was a juicy AAA grade beef burger with Bacon, ketchup, pickle. The burger did completely live up to the name and was “Better than the other guy!” I’m not sure which guy they are referring to. The best way I can explain this burger was that it essentially dressed like a whopper with Bacon but the quality of meat and how it was prepared with the bun just had such a perfect balance. The other burger that came out was Cheese please, this burger was a dine-in only special as you can see by the picture it can’t really be wrapped up. You have to eat around the burger by ripping of the layers of cheese first which taste amazing as it is if you’re a cheese fan. Then you can work your way into this cheese covered burger. I’m personally not big on cheese, but the people who I was with were and absolutely loved this burger.

Pictured below: Cheese Please!

The last burger we sampled was the “secret stomp”  pictured below which was like an explosion of flavour. This burger was dressed with an onion ring, egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and some sort of sauce which I wasn’t sure what it was.  If I didn’t take a bite of the secret stomp last I probably would’ve finished it if I wasn’t already full off of the other 2 burgers.

Pictured below: “The secret stomp”

If you’re into burgers as much as myself, I’d strongly recommend visiting the burger stomper bar and getting a few of the different burgers as they are all different and unique in the quality and taste you can expect. Cheat days are meant to be fun, so enjoy by visiting the burger stomper. If you like this review please feel free to pass it on to your co-workers, friends and family. I encourage sharing this if you’re in the Toronto area, or if you plan on visiting.


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