Hangover cure of the week, Don’t Drink! 4 Tips to Avoid Social Drinking

My co workers and many circles of friends  live for the weekend. I truly do love them and love to be around them, but I made a promise to myself that for the rest of 2012 that I’d cut drinking alcohol to once a week.

One of the reasons I plan on doing this is because I’ll be going on a vacation to the Bahamas in June for a few days, and in between that time I’ll be doing a fitness photo shoot for my site. I want to make sure that I’m in great shape for this shoot so I decided I’ll be staying away from alcohol until then.

My motivation to get into the optimal shape is this picture from my last photo shoot 2 years ago.

That photo shoot took me 6 weeks to prepare for and I didn’t drink any alcohol other than vodka on 3 social occasions during that 8 weeks. I know how my body reacts to alcohol, and with my recovery system as I get older it takes me a good day to get a really good training session in after a good night of partying. Since then, I’ve learned to still have fun partying all the while not having alcohol in my system.

So here are my top 4 tips to not drinking or keeping your alcohol to a low, when out in a social environment. Ultimately eluding the hangover!

1) Volunteer to be the designated driver: Nothing beat’s this excuse. Nobody should encourage you to drink after you drop that line!

2) Bring a non alcoholic drink: If you’re going to a house party, bring a few cans of sugar free red bulls or non alcoholic beer. If they bother you about the red bulls, tell them that you mixed vodka in it already.

3) Tell people you’re on some medication and it doesn’t mix well with alcohol. Sure, it’s a white lie but you’ll get them off your back.

4) Keep Partying: Be social, dance or talk to people already having fun and it’ll keep your mind off of the alcohol.

Have a great weekend and Party Hard!


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