The Must Have Medicine for the Office

Did you know studies show that 40% of Americans find their jobs extremely or very stressful?

On Sunday I went to the book store and was reading a lot of books on how to reduce stress at the workplace, and the best remedy that a lot of books talk about is simple: Laughter.

The first step is to Laugh, laughter improves morale in the workplace. It puts people in a better mood, if you’re in a better mood you’ll physically perform your job better. Humour makes it easy to be in a good mood and perform better. The hard part is to stay positive. It’s really simple to stay positive when things are going well in the workplace, the hard part is to stay positive when things are going bad.

I find when I get a good laughs throughout the day it makes work go by not only so much faster, but also helps keep your office positive.

It’s pretty simple if you really think about it, when you wake up in the morning you only really have two options; when you wake up, you’re either going to spend your day being happy or sad, positive or negative, depressed or not depressed.

When you’re positive good things attract to you, you attract good things. You rarely see really positive people hang around a bunch of really negative people. People hang out with people they are like. Especially around the office!

I know Mondays are the toughest days of the week and it’s difficult to be optimistic knowing you have to get through another week of work, but the best remedy is to stay positive my friend. I wanted to share with you a funny story that I told doing my first open mic set at the beginning of the month. My girlfriend was holding the camera so please excuse the shakiness. This is my first stint of my open mic career and I have a really good friend helping me with getting my feet wet, who was also in attendance and you can hear him laughing in the audio. Perry Perlmutar who just performed at the Winnipeg Comedy festival is a really funny stand up. He keeps a lot of us stress free at the office with his humor. If you don’t believe me watch below, and have a great start to your week!



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