Thank you Mom!

I know Mothers day was just yesterday, but if there was 2, or even 100 day’s to celebrate the Mothers of this world I wouldn’t even complain. Heck she’s put up with me for this many years! I can’t thank my Mom enough for what she’s given me. My Mom’s the one lady who really put up with all my crazy diets and competitions throughout the years and hasn’t told me to F’ Off when I get moody from dieting, not to mention  all my crazy antics.

If you’ve ever done a bodybuilding or fitness show, had to cut weight for a sport or have lived with somebody who has done one of the following, you can more than likely understand how difficult it can be to live with that person.

I spent the weekend with my family and girlfriend, and they were really helpful in keeping me on track with my diet by helping keep the foods to cater to my paleo lifestyle and stay on track for my fitness photo shoot. My Mom lost 24 lbs in 2 months following a paleo-type diet without really ever knowing the finer details of what the paleo diet is.  Below is a quick snapshot of some of the foods we made this weekend.

She eats just the following, veggies, fruits, small amounts of meats, fish and yams. Like myself, she’ll have a day when she eats what she wants but it’s really paid off for her and it’s made me really proud to see her lose all that weight. I can’t wait to see her progress.

Speaking of progress, I wanted to update you on my progress for my fitness photo shoot and what I did this week with a picture from what my progress from April 11- May 11th.

In terms of diet, I kept my eating the same as last week. I’m working with an Intermittent fasting type diet for this photo shoot. I’ve used the guidelines from the program Fat Loss forever, be sure to check out my good friend Dan Go’s site to learn more about it.

Working the 8-5 job, I wake up and ride my bike to work which is about 20 minutes on an empty stomach.

When I get into the office I’d start off with some green tea and BCAA drink in at about 7:50AM  and consume with my Omega 3’s and multivitamins, alpha brain and shroom tech sport.

Then around noon I’d have chicken and broccoli along with a small piece of yam as my first meal when I break my fast.

My second meal would be my pre workout meal, I’d mix 1/2 cup of egg whites, a banana, 2 scoops of visalus protein powder and a small piece of mashed sweet potato and I’d sprinkle cinnamon on it as a thermogenic. Pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it comes out like an oatmeal. I’d also put some broccoli as a side (bottom right of picture above).

After my workout, I’d be pretty hungry so  I’d have my last meal, which is steak and broccoli, or I’d mix some steak with chicken and broccoli to end my night. To make sure I get my adequate amount of protein at the end of the day. I’ve been on this diet for about a month and so far it seems to be working, what do you think? Thanks for reading and let me know any feedback or questions you have. Have a great week!


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