The Perfect Post workout meal for your Summer Abs

If you walk into a GNC or any  supplement store for that matter, the guy or girl behind the cash register is always trying to sell you something made in a lab that’ll be the perfect post workout meal. Whether, it’s a shake, a bar, or some sort drink mix.

Well, what ever happened to an actual meal?! Can we not get the same if not better effects and results by having something that’ll cost me half the amount of money and satisfy my hunger?! Of course! Keep reading to learn how to make this perfect post workout meal, just in time for the summer.

The other day I posted this pic on instagram @christiangolez of my post workout meal and took a pic of my abs right after that meal. I hate to sound cocky but I have to admit I was pretty happy with how my abs looked after this post workout meal, that’s been my go-to for the past 4 weeks.

The first and easiest component of this post workout meal is to steam some broccoli. Broccoli is a great post workout meal because it’s loaded with fibre to help break down our protein but it’s also low in carbohydrates. Two cups of broccoli provide just 15 g of good quality carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are effective for pre-workout meals, as they provide you with energy, but you also need them after workouts. Research conducted at the Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands and published in the December 2010 issue of the “International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism” notes that post-workout carbohydrates are vital to muscle-glycogen synthesis, a process important for muscle recovery. Dash a splash of lemon on the broccoli for added taste.

The second step is the fun part! Take a small pan, place a tablespoon of coconut oil on the pan, and heat it on your oven at medium heat.

Then, take your blender out and blend the following ingredients together.

* 1/2 cup of egg whites
* mixed with 2 scoops of visalus protein powder
* 1 oz. of pre cooked yam
* half a banana
* tablespoon of  cinnamon

Sounds weird doesn’t it?! Of course it does, it sounded weird to me, but after you cook it in the pan it came out  pretty good, better than any protein bar in the market.

Let this blend for 30 seconds. Then place it in the pan, in my case I used a small pot and let cook.

I made my serving quite large as I was pretty hungry so it came out a little fluffier like an oatmeal type substance, but if you use it in several smaller portions the substance should stick together, and you can flip it like a pancake.

This post workout meal is the perfect balance of macros with 1g of fat, 25g of carbs, 40g of protein and 250 calories. The protein makes it a lot easier to digest because you’re having the broccoli which is loaded with fibre to help breakdown the egg whites and protein powder.

Try this combo after you leave the gym and let me know what you think! Please let me know your feedback or any questions you may have.


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