You’ve heard it here first, if you see me on a treadmill this year I’ll give you $100

This is not a blog about why running on a treadmill is bad for you, because I do believe it serves it’s purpose of being as a convenient piece of gym equipment. This is my personal guarantee to you that if you catch me on a treadmill this year I will give you $100, and my reasons why I’m anti-treadmill.

I’m writing this post primarily because I’ve learned the proper techniques to warming up without the use of a treadmill using the techniques from the very soon to be released Dynamic Warm Up program by my good friend Dan Go. Also, I wanted to share with you some of my own personal workouts, of what I like to call Paleo Cardio, and I’ve outlined “better than treadmill” cardio workouts you can do at a field or track to get the most effective fat burning results.

So yes, just to re-iterate, I will give anybody who catches me on a treadmill or any piece of cardio equipment this calendar year $100 Canadian Dollars or $97.52 US Dollars.

So how and I why did I come to this crazy guarantee?! This past weekend I drove out to visit my parents in Pickering, ON about 30 minutes away from Toronto. Right around where they live is the Rouge Park. Which is about 12,000 acres of parkland and according to Wikipedia you may encounter the following.

  • 762 plant species, including 6 which are nationally rare and 92 which are regionally rare.
  • 225 bird species, 5 of which are nationally rare breeding birds and 4 other breeding birds of special concern as well as numerous locally rare, area-sensitive raptor and colonial birds
  • 55 fish species, 2 of which are nationally vulnerable
  • 27 mammal species, some are locally rare
  • 19 reptile and amphibian species, some are locally rare
  • That’s a lot of animals! I only saw a few bugs and some birds because I was too busy trying to make sure I didn’t step in animal fieces or trip on a log.

    I went for a good 5 hour hike alone in the woods and it was one of the best mental and physical workouts I’ve had this year. Sure, at times it felt like I was in the movie the Hunger games, but getting outside enjoying nature and going for a challenging uphill hike and having to use every muscle in your lower body and core to balance yourself while moving is something you cannot get from a treadmill let alone any piece of gym equipment. Hiking outside not only gives you an amazing physical workout but it nourishes your mind and imagination.

    After that revelation I realized there was no reason to do slow pace steady cardio for me again.

    I took my iphone with me just in case an episode of the Blair Witch project happened and took these beautiful shots that you can also catch on my instagram @christiangolez.



As you can see, the view you get from going on a hike makes walking on a treadmill just as boring as watching paint dry but you’re also limited to the speed and difficulty of the treadmill. Sure you can do great workouts on the treadmill such as Tabata workouts (20 second sprints 10 seconds rest for 7-8 rounds) which is great but you can also get better workouts outside.

Here’s a sample of some of one outdoor workout you can do that’ll have you burning off all those unwanted pounds off.

Start with a dynamic warmup with the lower body (lunges, air squats, heels to butt runs, ladder drills, hop on one leg 10 yards)

Suicide Sprints (from the start line sprint 5 yards, run back, sprint 10 yards, run back, sprint 15 yards, run back, sprint 20 yards, run back sprint 25 yards run back)
rest 3 minutesRepeat for another round
Sprint 20 yards do 20 burpees jog back rest 10 seconds and repeat do this 5 times

Sprint 10 yards do 10 push ups
Sprint another 10 yards do 20 mountain climbers
Sprint 10 yards do 10 burpees

Try this insane metabolic workout that you can’t get on a treadmill and will get you into great shape!

>Like I said earlier, the treadmill helps out and does provide benefits with softer surfaces which allows you to run for long distances, burn calories,and improve your cardio. But let’s face it, unless you’re using it to catch up with somebody over the phone or catch up on your favorite TV show then I personally don’t see a reason to use one. You constantly hear advertisements nowadays that the younger generation doesn’t get outside to play because they are hooked on the latest xbox or playstation games. Well, the fitness industry is just as bad with their treadmills. Get outside and enjoy the earth, who knows how long you’ll get to enjoy it for.

Thanks for reading and let me know if any questions or feedback.