So what exactly is the 40 day natural food challenge? Well, it’s really a hybrid version of the Paleo diet with some exceptions to certain foods that I found to be optimal with my previous “body transformations”

What sparked my 40 day challenge my engagement photo shoot with my beautiful fiancee next month, and I wanted to really see how much I can transform my body in that time frame. This won’t be any fitness shots but I do plan on doing some beach shots with my shirt off.

My game plan is pretty simple, the diet revolves around the following foods on a daily basis.
Chicken Breast
Fish (Halibut, Tuna)
Brown Rice
Sweet Potato
Pretty much any spices, and tons of water!
Anything really that isn’t listed above doesn’t make touch my grocery cart over the next 40 days.
From my experiences, the easiest part of getting results is writing down and putting structure to my diet. The hardest part is actually sticking to it. If you don’t have it in your fridge, it’s simple you can’t eat it.
Physically writing your meals down does help out a lot though, if you’re part of the modern world and have access to a smartphone you can use the notepad on your phone or even apps like myfitnesspal.com or document your diet on Evernote to make things simpler.
There are so many ways to keep track of your nutrition, when you start actually counting your calories and macro nutrients you start to realize that there is so much you could do without in your daily intake, or you are having too much fat or not enough protein in your diet. 
Following a winning formula, is what gets results. What I’ve learned from getting into optimal shape is to be disciplined and not break away and “add” to the formula. 
Much like an expert chef has the perfect recipe for his/her favorite dish, by adding different ingredients into the mix that isn’t part of the recipe, your dish won’t come out just the way you like it. That is really the goal for this challenge.
So I look forward to sharing with you my results and this transformation! If you’d like to follow my progress on a daily basis you can follow myfitnesspal account, with my username: christiangolez or my email adress golez.christian@gmail.com
Also if you have a fitbit you can add me to see if you out step me on a daily basis. username: christiangolez
Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below.