For those who watch my stories on Instagram I religiously post my QUOTE OF THE DAY. I haven’t missed a day since I started this habit in October 2017.

Every morning my alarm goes off with the following words flashing. “MAKE YOURSELF 1% BETTER THAN YESTERDAY” (And yes I wake up at 3:55AM to workout)

1% is a small percentage, but that all adds up. If you could tell yourself that you are 365% better than you were last year, isn’t that saying a lot?!

I like to start my day off by reading any book that I feel I’ll get some use out of and can apply it to become a better person to the people around me, and hopefully make their day better than it was yesterday also.

Below is a quick snapshot of my 3 favorite quotes in the month of January, the book that quote is from, and why I chose it.

This quote is from Tim Ferris book Tools of Titans, it stuck with me because I felt like anytime I ever accomplished anything in life was because I had a system and followed it.

One of the reasons I started this blog is because it’s my life goal to write a best selling book, but I realized needed a system to get started. So this blog is to practice writing, create an audience, learn from my success and failures, and get better at the story telling. This is my system to reach my goal.

This quote is from the book High Performance Habits by Brandon Bouchard. I enjoyed this book because it gave practical advice on what makes up different levels of a high performer. This particular quote is something that I have always felt made it easy for me to make friends at an early age. I’ve always been genuinely interested in other people’s character before sharing my own, not to judge but because I am fascinated with their story.

This has always been my favorite topic when having a one on one conversation.

This quote was from a fun book I read Understand Rap: Explaining confusing rap lyrics even you and your grandmother can understand. I grew up to this song, and I love the message that you should strive to achieve all of your business goals and dreams and eventually one day have your name on the outside of a blimp.

Some days that goal may seem far away, but keep doing the right things, learn from your mistakes and ask questions along the way and you should get there…. I’m still finding my way too, and hope to see you up in the sky with me!

I read multiple books at a time, depending on what I’m doing, what mood I’m feeling, and I try to finish 2 a month, but it’s usually just 1.

Feel free to follow my stories and posts on Instagram @christiangolez. I always love hearing your quotes too, please feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments section below!


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