Bone broth weekend: 24 hour recipe broken down in 3 minutes of video

Bone broth has become extremely popular for its recent discovery of health benefits, and whenever a new health benefit is discovered the prices all of a sudden skyrocket!

I witnessed this first hand when I went to a health food store and purchased a 750mL bottle of bone broth for $9.00!!

I can only speak from my experience with drinking bone broth a few times, but from what I have felt is that my stomach did feel more comfortable. It also, helped suppress my appetite and my joints slightly felt better.

In my opnion, I don’t feel that the benefits are worth $9.00 every day. So I decided to make my own bone broth.

I received a bag of cow bones from a friends farm (roughly 1lb) and also used a bag of oxtail bones (roughly 2lbs) also. That cost me $20.00 to last me for 2 weeks.

I did manage to get at least a gallon of bone broth from this amount.

Learn the steps involved to saving money and make your own bone broth.


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