Why you can’t break bad habits


So I’ve personally struggled the past month with bad eating and workout habits. I’ve missed workouts, talked myself out of my alarm clock. I’ve also been eating foods I would typically only eat once a month or week more regularly. (processed foods, high sugar foods, desserts etc.)

From my experience, once you get into a habit of introducing processed foods on a regular into your diet your body begins to crave it more and more. This morning I watched a bang on podcast segment by Joe Rogan on the effects of sugar on your diet, the benefits of fasting and also most importantly the benefits of discipline.

I would do my own write up on this, but Joe Rogan hits the nail right on the head with his points, that I would be doing you a disservice by trying to put my own spin on it and not telling you to spend 15 minutes listening to a segment of his podcast on the benefits of an all natural diet.

My personal goal for the remainder of March 2018 is to stick to an all natural diet, and keep you updated on my progress through my Instagram stories.


Stay tuned!



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