Welcome to my blog

My name is Christian Golez. The reason I created this site is to share my best fitness tips from the wonderful people who have shared them with me all of these years.

My story is unique and It all dates back to when I graduated high school. My whole life I’ve been very competitive, (I can’t even play video games and not want to strangle somebody after a loss to this day) Growing up, I wrestled, competed in martial arts, football, baseball, basketball, anything that allowed me to test my athletic skills and compete amongst the other kids.

As a kid I also had a big appetite. After school or sports I would rummage through the cupboards looking for anything and everything to eat. I didn’t know a thing about nutrition, all I knew was that I was hungry and I would look for anything that looked edible. You’ll be surprised to hear some of my early recipes.

Towards the end of high school, I developed a belly! Sure I was playing sports and staying active, but I was eating like crap. I was literally a “skinny-fat kid”


When I started college, like most young men that age, i wanted to look GOOD! I saw the movie PUMPING IRON and thought to myself, I want to have a body like that…so I joined a gym. When I finished my first workout, I immediately knew that I have found my new passion in life. Okay 2 new passions, the GYM AND impressing girls with muscles I’d eventually get from working out and losing my belly.

I quickly realized the benefits of working out and was hooked on building muscles and losing that gut. My parents on the other hand didn’t see a very good financial future in the fitness industry and insisted I focus more time on my academics and less time in the gym. Being an Asian son, I wanted to make my parents proud, but I couldn’t escape the gym, so I got a part-time job at the gym snack bar. (Which I didn’t tell my parents about until they figured out why I stopped asking to borrow money)

It was some of the best times of my life, I made some great connections with the trainers and the members who I admired for their dedication and ability to transform their physiques. I learned so many different training and dieting techniques for FREE. Looking back, it was such a valuable moment in my life because I was getting a dual education in the business and fitness world. The snack bar had a restaurant and that would be my early science lab.
I learned how to properly prepare meals, how my body reacted to different foods before and after training. People would share their experiences with me on what foods work for them and won’t don’t. I then realized with so much contradiction and their wasn’t a silver bullet answer to solving every ones diet.

I’d hook up the trainers with protein shakes while working there and in exchange I’d get free training out of it. That’s when I realized how important having a trainer was.

No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.
– Brian Tracy

My progress skyrocketed when I started working with my first trainer Trevor Thompson. He pushed me and educated me to the next level. He convinced me with my hard work ethic to enter a bodybuilding competition. The first one I entered I took first place!


“Not bad for my first show in 2002”

I was at an all time high enjoyed the rewards and recognition from bodybuilding so I decided that I wanted to give back and got certified as a personal trainer.

I loved helping transform bodies like I did to my own. My client base was the typical male/female 30-40 working the office job looking to lose weight. How ironic as I know fall into that category, the male one of course I really helped them achieve a lot of their goals by sharing my own personal successes by using different training techniques and building their diets around the foods they like that I approved.
This is where the twist in the story happens…

Around 2002, my good friend and now UFC fighter Sean Pierson was helping me with my wrestling and I was helping him in the weight room and with his diet. At the time he was an upcoming fighter in the sport of MMA. Unfortunately, in 2002 there was no money in the sport like there is today. Sean was working at Dell computers while training for fights to help build a foundation for his newly started family. He then asked me if I could do him a favor and apply so he could get some sort of employee referral bonus and convinced me that I could make some really good cash with my people skills.

So a new chapter in my life begins…

I looked at that move as temporary, but in reality I was now joining the corporate world. I made some massive sales my first week on the job, and that same feeling came back just like when I watched pumping iron for the first time. I loved the rush of the hustle. We were all making good money and we were young.

My passion for fitness never died however, as I still helped clients just not as frequent. I went from being in the gym all day surrounded by fitness enthusiasts to an office environment where there version of fitness was “I only ate one slice of pizza at the lunch and learn and had a diet coke!”

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

I was surrounded by people who didn’t care about their health, and were very competitive in sales. Coming from a competitive background I soon started to fit in with them. I went from a superhero body to a McDonald’s supersized body! I felt like I had to make a change and do what I do best, TRANSFORM MY BODY!

As important as it was for me to be successful in my career it was equally important to stick to my personal beliefs growing up and maintain what I have been preaching all these years.

Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don’t think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made.”Patti Sue Plumer

I was able to incorporate all the important fitness tips I learned from working in the gym and bring it into the workplace.

It’s okay to look good under your suit.


I’ve had my co-workers ask me to share my knowledge, and now I want to share my great resources with as much people as possible.


I strongly appreciate your feedback as I’m sure many of you also have your own proven techniques and advice you can share. I’m hoping you can get some very valuable information from me from my personal successes and look forward to seeing you climb that corporate and fitness ladder!

Christian Golez

In 2009 my close freinds had had a race at the end of the year. It was called “Best beach bod 2009”. I used my caveman diet to help me get this physique in 90 days.


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