The Must Have Medicine for the Office

Did you know studies show that 40% of Americans find their jobs extremely or very stressful?

On Sunday I went to the book store and was reading a lot of books on how to reduce stress at the workplace, and the best remedy that a lot of books talk about is simple: Laughter.

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Office Yoga Series- Desk Setup

My good friend and amazing yoga instructor Ms. Victoria Chin came into the office to help with a put together my Office Yoga video series. Victoria and I will be going over some office friendly yoga stretches and moves to keep you from long term aches and pains.

For the first installment of our office yoga videos I wanted to start with desk setup and proper posture. The human body wasn’t designed to sit down all day, but most of you spend it day on your butts.

Take a look at the video and follow these 3 simple tips when you’re in front of the computer:

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5 tips to beat MONDAYS

Monday’s don’t typically depress me like most of my co workers. I’ve learned to accept Mondays as another opportunity to perform better at my workplace and at the gym than I have in the previous weeks. This Monday, I’ve ┬ámarked off on my calendar for a few weeks as I’ll be a guest in attendance at the Oprah Life class in Toronto. With special guests Tony Robbins, Iyvana Vanzant, Bishop TD Jakes, and Deepak Chopra.

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Are you operating a little slower on Mondays? Learn how my “Smart Drug” experience has helped cure my case of the “Mondays”. Part 1 Nootropics

Disclaimer I’m not a certified doctor, but the information below is strictly based on my 2 month personal experience. Now continue reading and please don’t try and sue me.

Do you get the case of the “Mondays”? I know that only a few months ago I’d walk into the office on Monday’s and my thoughts would be 2 minutes too slow. I’d have conversations with my clients and coworkers and it would take me longer than usual to collect my thoughts before I speak or act on an assignment. Sound familiar?! I was once one of those guys who’d need a boost of caffeine to get me through my Monday morning.

Nowadays, I walk into the office on Mondays with the boost of energy similar to what I’d have walking into the office like it was Friday morning. A big reason why I feel this way is because of this nootropic called Alpha Brain.

So what are nootropics? The easiest way for me to explain this to you is if you’ve ever seen the movie “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper. He takes this “smart drug/nootropic” that essentially took him from a deadbeat to a multi millionaire in 2 weeks. Watch the video below and take a look at what Hollywood’s version of a nootropic is.

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Don’t look like a “Walker” when you get to work. These 5 Morning Rituals will Make you look and Feel Better

I walked into the office at 8AM this morning and everybody around me looked like they came from an audition for next seasons The Walking Dead or either a hard night of drinking.

I felt like I was the only one with a ton of energy and ready to go full steam ahead.

Don’t get me wrong. I used to be those guys who hit the snooze button 4-5 times before I made it into work. Even if I got 9-10 hours of sleep I’d still show up to work tired and rushing to the coffee machine.

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The new Ipad?!

I’m going to be taking the next few days to load up on my nootropics (foreshadowing for my next post)

I didn’t want to stop my momentum of material so I wanted to keep you entertained with this rant on the new iPad.

I felt this needed to be addressed to all my apple fans. (myself included)