6 Tips to getting your 6 Pack ready for the beach in 6 Weeks

On April 11th, my good friend  Mike called me up and told me that he won an all-inclusive vacation to Cancun through his company for top sales, and his girlfriend used up all her vacation days earlier in the year so he wanted somebody fun to go party with him. It was a hard decision, okay not really..obviously I said HELL YA!

Later that evening after my workout I took my shirt off, looked in the mirror and realized that if I went on vacation today,  I personally wouldn’t be happy with the way I looked. So I grabbed my iPhone and took my “BEFORE” shot on the left. For the next few days I would look at that picture and look at myself from my competition days and get hungry to get into the best shape of my life again. Not that I would say my before picture is humiliating because I stay relatively lean throughout the year, but my training and diet weren’t as intense or serious as I knew it should be to get into “Beach body shape.” I was simply in maintenance mode during that time.

Below pic April 11th 2012 to June 2nd 2012

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Instagram meals from April

Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with the blog posts. Like many working individuals I’ve been busy with exciting new product launches that have occupied my time away from blog posts. I promise you next week to deliver some really great recipes I’ve put together but just haven’t posted yet. Last month I had some really great meals that I didn’t share on my blog but I did post on Instagram.

Instagram is a free photo sharing app that allows it’s users to share their beautiful photos through a social network. What really makes Instagram so unique is that it has these really cool filters that can make an average picture look amazing!

Last month Instagram was acquired by facebook for, wait for it……$1 BILLION DOLLARS! Instagram also hit 30 Million users and over 200 Million photos uploaded. That’s a lot of food porn out there.

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Weekend Cheat Meal Review: The Burger Stomper Gourmet Burger and Milkshake Bar

If I was on death row and they asked me to order my last meal, it would be a toss up between a lot of options. Would I go for a succulent steak? Or a juicy lobster? I know for sure I’d be more concerned about what I’d pick for my last meal than my last minutes on earth. Okay probably not! 

One item for sure on that list of options would be the good ole’ classic American burger! This past weekend I was craving a great burger so I went to the Burger Stomper Gourmet Milkshake and Bar, located on the Danforth in Toronto Canada. You can follow them twitter @burgerstomperbr or http://www.burgerstomperbar.com.

If Philadelphia is known for its cheese steaks, New York is known for its Pizza. If you look at  Toronto over the past few years it’d be known for its burgers. If you read any restaurant reviews on sites like chowhound, yelp, or blogto. You’ll notice that there has been a boom in different burger joints that have opened across the city. Making it a very competitive marketplace to serve the city with a great burger. I remember as a kid growing up during the 80’s and 90’s in Toronto, the most popular place to grab a unique burger were places like Johnny’s, Burger Hut or Dangerous Dan’s. Nowadays you can get into a pretty intellectual argument with who serves the best burger in the city.

Now I will say that I’m a little bias towards this place because I personally know the two owners of the burger stomper and consider them good friends. What I will say to that though, is I wouldn’t tell you or recommend anything that I fully didn’t 100% in what I’m writing. The common question I get asked when people ask me about Burger Stomper is “Is it better than Burgers Priest?” To That I say, you’ll have to try for yourself. What I will say though is that if you go to Burger Stomper you can expect an experience every time you order from the menu. Each burger has such a unique taste and no one burger will taste like the next burger. The fact that each burger has such a unique taste, I’d recommend going to this comfortable establishment with a co-worker or friend so you can split a burger an experience each one to figure out what you like best.

Pictured below: The burger stomper in action http://www.burgerstomper.com

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