6 Tips to getting your 6 Pack ready for the beach in 6 Weeks

On April 11th, my good friend  Mike called me up and told me that he won an all-inclusive vacation to Cancun through his company for top sales, and his girlfriend used up all her vacation days earlier in the year so he wanted somebody fun to go party with him. It was a hard decision, okay not really..obviously I said HELL YA!

Later that evening after my workout I took my shirt off, looked in the mirror and realized that if I went on vacation today,  I personally wouldn’t be happy with the way I looked. So I grabbed my iPhone and took my “BEFORE” shot on the left. For the next few days I would look at that picture and look at myself from my competition days and get hungry to get into the best shape of my life again. Not that I would say my before picture is humiliating because I stay relatively lean throughout the year, but my training and diet weren’t as intense or serious as I knew it should be to get into “Beach body shape.” I was simply in maintenance mode during that time.

Below pic April 11th 2012 to June 2nd 2012

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The Must Have Medicine for the Office

Did you know studies show that 40% of Americans find their jobs extremely or very stressful?

On Sunday I went to the book store and was reading a lot of books on how to reduce stress at the workplace, and the best remedy that a lot of books talk about is simple: Laughter.

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Hangover Cure of the Week, Fruit Kabob’s!

An Albino Polar Bear would probably love this if they had access to it. This weeks instalment of the hangover cure is one of my favorite dishes to have after a hard nights drinking and it also serves as a hit if you’re looking for ideas at a BBQ.

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My Moms Paleo Inspired Pilipino Protein Packed Smoothie..Say that Pibe Times Past

Growing up, I was very fortunate that my Mother loved fruits. Coming from a Filipino background my mother filled our house with a variety of Asian fruits.

A very popular smoothie that they made in the Philipines was the Mango smoothie,
when I went to visit Cebu last year it was the most popular drink at the resort I was visiting.

In the Philippines they make the smoothie using Mango, vanilla ice cream and Ice. Pretty simple and straightforward.

Instead of using the vanilla ice cream though I wanted to put my mothers mix of fruits in this smoothie and using my twist by making this as “Paleo” as possible. I just worked out so I’m adding some protein powder (yes I know not paleo!)


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Turn Your Workplace into a Fitness Playground! Top 5 Office Friendly Pieces of Fitness Equipment

If you’re like me, you probably spend most of your day inside and around the office. Spending most of your time at your desk you are typically inactive by staying in a sedentary position for most of the day. Part of the reason people don’t go to the gym or get any exercise at all throughout the day is because they don’t expose themselves to a healthy environment.

What you can do to create your office environment into a more fitness friendly zone by transforming it into a mini-gym, and no, I don’t recommend putting squat racks or heavy plates around the cubicle but what you can do is bring in a few pieces of equipment that is inexpensive and can easily be stored under your desk or in your cabinets around the office.

Luckily for my company, we’ve moved a lot of our files to the “cloud” and everything is archived on the cloud. So pulling up documents and files is much easier and has saved us from constantly printing. With the amount of documents we don’t have to print. The less cupboard space is being used. So we’ve used those empty cupboards to store our fitness equipment.

Here are my top 5 inexpensive pieces of office workout equipment.


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