You’ve heard it here first, if you see me on a treadmill this year I’ll give you $100

This is not a blog about why running on a treadmill is bad for you, because I do believe it serves it’s purpose of being as a convenient piece of gym equipment. This is my personal guarantee to you that if you catch me on a treadmill this year I will give you $100, and my reasons why I’m anti-treadmill.

I’m writing this post primarily because I’ve learned the proper techniques to warming up without the use of a treadmill using the techniques from the very soon to be released Dynamic Warm Up program by my good friend Dan Go. Also, I wanted to share with you some of my own personal workouts, of what I like to call Paleo Cardio, and I’ve outlined “better than treadmill” cardio workouts you can do at a field or track to get the most effective fat burning results.

So yes, just to re-iterate, I will give anybody who catches me on a treadmill or any piece of cardio equipment this calendar year $100 Canadian Dollars or $97.52 US Dollars.

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The Perfect Post workout meal for your Summer Abs

If you walk into a GNC or any  supplement store for that matter, the guy or girl behind the cash register is always trying to sell you something made in a lab that’ll be the perfect post workout meal. Whether, it’s a shake, a bar, or some sort drink mix.

Well, what ever happened to an actual meal?! Can we not get the same if not better effects and results by having something that’ll cost me half the amount of money and satisfy my hunger?! Of course! Keep reading to learn how to make this perfect post workout meal, just in time for the summer.

The other day I posted this pic on instagram @christiangolez of my post workout meal and took a pic of my abs right after that meal. I hate to sound cocky but I have to admit I was pretty happy with how my abs looked after this post workout meal, that’s been my go-to for the past 4 weeks.

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Instagram meals from April

Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with the blog posts. Like many working individuals I’ve been busy with exciting new product launches that have occupied my time away from blog posts. I promise you next week to deliver some really great recipes I’ve put together but just haven’t posted yet. Last month I had some really great meals that I didn’t share on my blog but I did post on Instagram.

Instagram is a free photo sharing app that allows it’s users to share their beautiful photos through a social network. What really makes Instagram so unique is that it has these really cool filters that can make an average picture look amazing!

Last month Instagram was acquired by facebook for, wait for it……$1 BILLION DOLLARS! Instagram also hit 30 Million users and over 200 Million photos uploaded. That’s a lot of food porn out there.

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The Instagram Phenomena, and Using It As a Diet Tracking Tool

If you haven’t already seen the Instagram logo appear as one of the most downloaded photo apps in the app store, or if you haven’t seen your friends or people you follow, tweet or post with Instagram. How the heck did you find my site?!

Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows you to share photos with your friends/followers through this interface. It’s a viable replacement for a point and shoot that makes your everyday photos look wonderful by quickly transforming your photos in this easy to use format. Over 15 million users share photos in 17 different filters and it’s almost impossible to take bad photos using instagram.

Instagram is great to see what you’re friends are doing and if you’re a photography lover like myself it can be pretty entertaining. Over the last week I’ve been making my paleo inspired meals and have been using the instagram photo app to share what I’m eating and how to make my meals look a lot nicer than my real presentation.

I personally enjoy sharing my what I eat with my social network because it shows my dedication to eating healthy, and I want to help inspire as much people as possible to do the same and have fun with it. My 5 year goal is to release a cook book and online channel featuring  my  paleo inspired meals. I hope you enjoy my journey!

Last week, I purposely took a photo of the meals I ate that day. For each day I pretty much ate what you see throughout the day.

Take a look at my instagram meals of the week!


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