7 day Paleo Plan for the Ripped Caveman Look

Ever since I’ve started living a Paleo-like lifestyle I’ve read many articles how the paleo diet is designed to help reduce inflammation, build a healthier lifestyle, clean skin, better teeth…yada yada yada.

The benefits of going paleo go on and on, but at the end of the day paleo or no paleo, we all want to look good when we take our shirts off around the pool this summer.

“So why can’t the paleo plan help me look great naked?!”

Well, before I begin I want to get it out in the clear that I believe the paleo plan is great! I love it, I follow it 80% of the time, and the other 20% I allow myself to eat the finer things our modern world has provided us like snickers bars and nutella.

How good can the Paleo diet be without a proper “Meal Plan”?

The reality of the paleo diet is, there are differences to what is and what isn’t paleo. Depending on which paleo leader you listen to, some say milk can be allowed, some say it can’t. Some use protein supplements and some don’t.

The one and only thing that they all have in common is that they all believe in natural food sources that were available pre-agricultural era and to get as much of it as possible. That is what I found to be the staple of my 6 week meal plan and where I excelled the most in was following this meal plan to a tee.

There is no need to be the first person through the mine field, I’ve already done the work for you!

I’ve lived the paleo lifestyle for roughly 2 years and have had the opportunity to try many different paleo recipes throughout this journey. I consider myself a mad scientist in the kitchen using my body as the frankenstein for many of these recipes. With that being said, based on my personal experiences using a paleo plan. I agree, that it does reduce inflammation, you feel healthier and energetic but with the recipes available, if you don’t have proper structure to how much and how often you should be eating you won’t be rocking a 6 pack at the beach. So I wanted to put the naysayers to sleep and prove to them that I can devise a paleo meal plan to looking great naked.

When I first started the paleo diet I was looking for a new type of diet that could accommodate my lifestyle, all the while keeping me looking good and feeling healthy. The diet did just that, the area of the paleo diet that I find to be not as helpful was assembling all the recipes together to make a full meal plan that will get you into the best shape possible. So I basically used myself as a science experiment and put myself through what I call a “Paleo Diet Meal Plan for the ripped caveman look”

If you follow my on instagram @christiangolez you’ll see that I began posting pics of my progress in April and kept all my followers in the loop, and show that I’d get into beach body shape just in time for the summer, and also a booked photo shoot that I just completed. Take a look at my transformation from April 15th 2012 to June 15th 2012.


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6 Tips to getting your 6 Pack ready for the beach in 6 Weeks

On April 11th, my good friend  Mike called me up and told me that he won an all-inclusive vacation to Cancun through his company for top sales, and his girlfriend used up all her vacation days earlier in the year so he wanted somebody fun to go party with him. It was a hard decision, okay not really..obviously I said HELL YA!

Later that evening after my workout I took my shirt off, looked in the mirror and realized that if I went on vacation today,  I personally wouldn’t be happy with the way I looked. So I grabbed my iPhone and took my “BEFORE” shot on the left. For the next few days I would look at that picture and look at myself from my competition days and get hungry to get into the best shape of my life again. Not that I would say my before picture is humiliating because I stay relatively lean throughout the year, but my training and diet weren’t as intense or serious as I knew it should be to get into “Beach body shape.” I was simply in maintenance mode during that time.

Below pic April 11th 2012 to June 2nd 2012

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An alternative to BBQing your Chicken and Asparagus this summer

I went to my favourite butcher La Boucherie at the St. Lawrence market in Toronto the other day and had them season some chicken breasts with the expectations I was going to BBQ later that evening. Sure enough after my workout, it started to rain. As I contemplated sitting in front of my rooftop BBQ grill hoping the rain would pass, it didn’t look like it was going to any time soon, plus I was ready to eat my arm after an intense leg workout.

So I decided to prepare my meal indoors (the anti-caveman way!) Here’s the recipe for you:

What you’ll need from your fridge:

What you’ll need from your cupboard
Cayenne pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
Organic Coconut oil

I don’t have pics of marinating the chicken because my butcher does such a great job marinating my meats. Essentially she just puts olive oil, cayenne pepper, basil flakes and chunks of peppercorn in the chicken and it’s ready to go. I usually let it marinate in the fridge for a good hour or so while I work out.

To set it up put your oven at 380degrees Fareneheight and set the timer for 30 minutes, so it cooks evenly but doesn’t overcook and dry out. Place your chicken on a baking tray with aluminum foil and flip it over about 15 minutes into baking.

For the asparagus try coconut oil to give it a different flavour and give your body the benefits of coconut oil, such as digestion, healthy hair and skin that olive oil doesn’t provide.

Grab a handful of asparagus and chop it into 1 inch pieces. Place a small pan on medium heat and add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan, once the pan is warm drop the pieces of asparagus into the pan and let cook for about 10-15 minutes and then you can simmer it for the remaining 15 or leave it on the stove top with the heat off as it should stay warm.

In 30 minutes this meal was ready to go and serve, and had the perfect compliments of taste with the asparagus covered in coconut oil and tasty marinated chicken.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe, give it a try and let me know what you think.

Hangover Paleo Omelet Cure

Fact or fiction? Junk food cures your hangover!?

It’s very common for people to eat junk food after a hard night of drinking because they believe it’ll cure their hangovers. Studies have shown that fatty foods the morning after will irritate your stomach after a hard night of drinking as oppose to helping it. It is a fact that junk food will help prevent you from a hangover because the fatty foods will provide a lining around your stomach to prevent the absorption of alcohol.

Then why is it though we crave junk food after we drink? Is it because we believe it will fix us? Well, it’s an ongoing debate. I’ve researched answers and people tell me it’s because it’s fast and convenient, or i’ll hear it’s because our body craves sugar. I think the funniest one though was because “you’re probably still drunk”.

This weeks hangover cure is the perfect remedy if you enjoy eating fatty food, but at the same time need a cure. We’ll be working with Eggs as they are a perfect breakfast meal because they provide a great source of energy. The key though is eggs do also contain large amounts of cysteine, the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver’s easily depleted glutathione.

Therefore, eggs can potentially help mop up the left-over toxins. So this week we’ll be making a vitamin rich and delicious omelette that’ll be so good you’ll help relieve your hangover and satisfy that fatty food craving you have. Credits to my favorite chef Jamie Oliver for providing me with the tasty recipe.

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My Moms Paleo Inspired Pilipino Protein Packed Smoothie..Say that Pibe Times Past

Growing up, I was very fortunate that my Mother loved fruits. Coming from a Filipino background my mother filled our house with a variety of Asian fruits.

A very popular smoothie that they made in the Philipines was the Mango smoothie,
when I went to visit Cebu last year it was the most popular drink at the resort I was visiting.

In the Philippines they make the smoothie using Mango, vanilla ice cream and Ice. Pretty simple and straightforward.

Instead of using the vanilla ice cream though I wanted to put my mothers mix of fruits in this smoothie and using my twist by making this as “Paleo” as possible. I just worked out so I’m adding some protein powder (yes I know not paleo!)


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Gatorade or Protein shake after your workout?! Try this Natural Protein and Electrolyte enhanced smoothie!

Marketing and fitness magazines has taught us over the years that Gatorade and/or protein shakes are the best things to consume after a workout. They were both right!

It’s important to hydrate yourself with electrolytes after your workout to balance out your pH levels. Gatorade provides synthetic sugars and carbohydrates that also aid us to drink more, but also provide energy to our depleted muscles.

Just as important it is to fuel your body with carbohydrates after a workout. It’s  essential to repair and re-build your muscles with protein. Liquid protein provides faster absorption and is a lot easier to digest than eating a can of tuna.

But have you ever mixed gatorade with protein powder? If so, you’ve probably know what “ass” tastes like by now.

However, with the supplement market today, the new artificial flavours of protein shakes and gatorade combined can get some pretty good flavours, with a few experiments.

Instead, I’ll make it easier for you! Here’s a simple smoothie recipe using natural ingredients that will make your gatorade/protein powder mix taste like toilet water.

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No breadcrumbs?! No Problem with these Bulls Balls! Bison Meatballs recipe

What you will need


To substitute for the bread crumbs I used presidents choice no salt added lemon and garlic seasoning and 2 shallots. I prefer shallots over onions because they offer more anti oxidants, minerals and vitamins per weight than an onion.

If you don’t have presidents choice no salt added lemon you can also use mrs dash or dry parsley and oregano.

I also use 2 different types of meats. I used ground bison and ground sausage meat with 2 eggs, and that’s what you’ll need from your fridge.

The bison meat is very lean with 28g of protein and 2g of fat/100g.  This compensates for the 9g of fat/100g from the ground sausage meat.

The ground sausage meat compliments the ground bison when mixed because it helps keep meat together, and gives it a better taste.

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Pack your morning with Protein in minutes


As a working professional my biggest issue with getting in shape is the time spent preparing meals. As ironic as this sounds, I love to cook but I prefer to spend as little time possible in the kitchen to enjoy the other things in life.

Every morning I rush out of the house like most working world junkies to make it to my desk in time.

The problem with leaving the house in a rush is you may not have time to prepare your meals.

Here’s a simple recipe I made this morning in a matter of minutes that I’d like to share with you. (I’ll be posting a video soon to show you this meal in real time)
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