6 Tips to getting your 6 Pack ready for the beach in 6 Weeks

On April 11th, my good friend  Mike called me up and told me that he won an all-inclusive vacation to Cancun through his company for top sales, and his girlfriend used up all her vacation days earlier in the year so he wanted somebody fun to go party with him. It was a hard decision, okay not really..obviously I said HELL YA!

Later that evening after my workout I took my shirt off, looked in the mirror and realized that if I went on vacation today,  I personally wouldn’t be happy with the way I looked. So I grabbed my iPhone and took my “BEFORE” shot on the left. For the next few days I would look at that picture and look at myself from my competition days and get hungry to get into the best shape of my life again. Not that I would say my before picture is humiliating because I stay relatively lean throughout the year, but my training and diet weren’t as intense or serious as I knew it should be to get into “Beach body shape.” I was simply in maintenance mode during that time.

Below pic April 11th 2012 to June 2nd 2012

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Hangover this weekend? This Detox Drink will make Gamma Rays look like Flashlights

No matter how “Green” you are. If you drink too much alcohol the night before, a hangover the next morning is inevitable! Just look at the incredible hulk in this picture.


This week I’m delivering one of my all time favorite detox drinks. Over the past month I’ve been making one of these every morning as part of my daily routine, this will keeps you regular and provides you with a boost of energy every morning with the kick it has in flavours.

If you’re following an Intermittent fasting diet, this drink is just under 100 calories which stays within the rules of a IF protocol, for beverages allowed. Although, I wouldn’t recommend drinking more than 1 a day. It’s completely natural and loaded with fibre and antioxidants from all the plants that you use for this.

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Date night meal chicken and avocado salad

Tonight is date night and instead of going out sifting through menus of what my dietary lifestyle allows me to eat I decided to stay home and cook for the both of us.

So here’s the rundown

What you will need from your cupboard


Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar

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