7 day Paleo Plan for the Ripped Caveman Look

Ever since I’ve started living a Paleo-like lifestyle I’ve read many articles how the paleo diet is designed to help reduce inflammation, build a healthier lifestyle, clean skin, better teeth…yada yada yada.

The benefits of going paleo go on and on, but at the end of the day paleo or no paleo, we all want to look good when we take our shirts off around the pool this summer.

“So why can’t the paleo plan help me look great naked?!”

Well, before I begin I want to get it out in the clear that I believe the paleo plan is great! I love it, I follow it 80% of the time, and the other 20% I allow myself to eat the finer things our modern world has provided us like snickers bars and nutella.

How good can the Paleo diet be without a proper “Meal Plan”?

The reality of the paleo diet is, there are differences to what is and what isn’t paleo. Depending on which paleo leader you listen to, some say milk can be allowed, some say it can’t. Some use protein supplements and some don’t.

The one and only thing that they all have in common is that they all believe in natural food sources that were available pre-agricultural era and to get as much of it as possible. That is what I found to be the staple of my 6 week meal plan and where I excelled the most in was following this meal plan to a tee.

There is no need to be the first person through the mine field, I’ve already done the work for you!

I’ve lived the paleo lifestyle for roughly 2 years and have had the opportunity to try many different paleo recipes throughout this journey. I consider myself a mad scientist in the kitchen using my body as the frankenstein for many of these recipes. With that being said, based on my personal experiences using a paleo plan. I agree, that it does reduce inflammation, you feel healthier and energetic but with the recipes available, if you don’t have proper structure to how much and how often you should be eating you won’t be rocking a 6 pack at the beach. So I wanted to put the naysayers to sleep and prove to them that I can devise a paleo meal plan to looking great naked.

When I first started the paleo diet I was looking for a new type of diet that could accommodate my lifestyle, all the while keeping me looking good and feeling healthy. The diet did just that, the area of the paleo diet that I find to be not as helpful was assembling all the recipes together to make a full meal plan that will get you into the best shape possible. So I basically used myself as a science experiment and put myself through what I call a “Paleo Diet Meal Plan for the ripped caveman look”

If you follow my on instagram @christiangolez you’ll see that I began posting pics of my progress in April and kept all my followers in the loop, and show that I’d get into beach body shape just in time for the summer, and also a booked photo shoot that I just completed. Take a look at my transformation from April 15th 2012 to June 15th 2012.


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How to get the most effective workout at a hotel gym

I just came back from a quick vacation to The Grand Oasis Cancun and I have a few tips for those who aren’t familiar with the place.

1) If you’re looking for peace and quite, this wouldn’t be the first place I’d look
2) If you like to drink alcohol, they have plenty of it and lots of friendly people to drink with
3) If you’re concerned about staying on top of your diet while on vacation, they have plenty of healthy options at the buffet (egg whites, broccoli, chicken breasts) Warning!!! Those healthy options are directly beside some awesome desserts and french toast.
4) If you’re looking to workout they have a hotel gym that has the basics: Dumbbells, 1 leg extension 1 lat pull down, a workout bench and an elliptical.

If you come to think of it though that’s all you need!!! Over the past month you’ve watched me transform my body from 165lbs, with a few pounds to lose to start seeing my abs, to 145lbs with a full six pack. I’ve been able to do this by eliminating a lot of the fancy machines that I used to incorporate from my previous training regimes. To prepare for this shoot I’ve recently switched gyms and workouts, I now go to Fortis gym in Toronto, where they have some really cool Westside Barbell pieces of equipment, battle ropes, kettle bells and chains that have helped increase my strength on squats and bench press. The gym focuses more on strength training and the fundamentals movements of weight training and not so much the “pretty boy” exercises.

The vacation was a bit of a challenge for me as I’m also doing my fitness shoot in 7 days and I cheated more than I wanted while on vacation but I plan on rebounding using some last minute tricks, that I plan on posting in my next blog! Below are some pics from my last shoot


This time around, preparing for my fitness shoot has been very different from many diets and training methods I’ve done In the past. In terms of diet I’ve used an intermittent fasting approach and strictly paleo diet minus the cheat meals I have once a week. (my meal plans for losing weight will be laid out completely in a special blog )In terms of workouts I haven’t done much cardio as I’ve incorporated complex workouts twice a week into my regime. While on vacation I was able to sneak two of these killer workouts in.

What is a complex?

Complexes are AMAZING for fat loss as they provide strength training and cardio at the same time. A complex essentially is a series of exercises (typically 4-6) performed in succession without dropping or letting go of the weight. Because of the way complexes are completed you’re typically focusing more on the cardiovascular side of your conditioning rather than the strength side. Typically when you do the first round it doesn’t feel that bad, but when you go into the third, fourth and fifth round of your complex, you’ll be looking for an excuse to stop.

How to perform a complex

Below is a series of exercises you can do from any hotel gym that has dumbbells.

You don’t have to go to heavy, I recommend start off with 5-10lbs and increase the weight by 5LBs for 4-5 Rounds with 60-90 seconds in between rounds

Perform 6-8 reps for each exercise
Renegade row (6-8 reps each arm)
Left leg lunges
Right leg lunges
Romanian deadlift
squats with DB on shoulders
Shoulder Press
Rest 60-90 seconds then repeat

You can also do the following exercises with a single dumbbell or kettlebell. Here’s an example of a complex you can perform with a single dumbbell

1 Arm Row
left leg lunge
DB swing or KB swing
Single leg deadlift
repeat the same motion on the opposite side
Rest 60-90 seconds then repeat

Tips to keep in mind

  • Do movements that you are already comfortable doing. Don’t try something new when performing complexes or you might hurt yourself.
  • The movements should easily flow from one to the other, if you have to change grips in between exercises make them quick with little to no rest. The less downtime you have the more effective the complex will be!
  • Complexes shouldn’t replace your regular strength training regime, incorporate them as a cardio replacement.
  • When picking a weight make sure you can perform your weakest exercise at that weight.

So there you have it, A few posts ago I offered $100 to anybody who catches me on a treadmill, and this my friend is the reason why you won’t see me on one. Try out a complex workout next time your on a business trip and you want to sneak in a workout before you start your day and let me know how it works out for you by leaving your comments or feedback below. Thanks for stopping by!

The Perfect Post workout meal for your Summer Abs

If you walk into a GNC or any  supplement store for that matter, the guy or girl behind the cash register is always trying to sell you something made in a lab that’ll be the perfect post workout meal. Whether, it’s a shake, a bar, or some sort drink mix.

Well, what ever happened to an actual meal?! Can we not get the same if not better effects and results by having something that’ll cost me half the amount of money and satisfy my hunger?! Of course! Keep reading to learn how to make this perfect post workout meal, just in time for the summer.

The other day I posted this pic on instagram @christiangolez of my post workout meal and took a pic of my abs right after that meal. I hate to sound cocky but I have to admit I was pretty happy with how my abs looked after this post workout meal, that’s been my go-to for the past 4 weeks.

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Thank you Mom!

I know Mothers day was just yesterday, but if there was 2, or even 100 day’s to celebrate the Mothers of this world I wouldn’t even complain. Heck she’s put up with me for this many years! I can’t thank my Mom enough for what she’s given me. My Mom’s the one lady who really put up with all my crazy diets and competitions throughout the years and hasn’t told me to F’ Off when I get moody from dieting, not to mention  all my crazy antics.

If you’ve ever done a bodybuilding or fitness show, had to cut weight for a sport or have lived with somebody who has done one of the following, you can more than likely understand how difficult it can be to live with that person.

I spent the weekend with my family and girlfriend, and they were really helpful in keeping me on track with my diet by helping keep the foods to cater to my paleo lifestyle and stay on track for my fitness photo shoot. My Mom lost 24 lbs in 2 months following a paleo-type diet without really ever knowing the finer details of what the paleo diet is.  Below is a quick snapshot of some of the foods we made this weekend.

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Hangover cure of the week, Don’t Drink! 4 Tips to Avoid Social Drinking

My co workers and many circles of friends  live for the weekend. I truly do love them and love to be around them, but I made a promise to myself that for the rest of 2012 that I’d cut drinking alcohol to once a week.

One of the reasons I plan on doing this is because I’ll be going on a vacation to the Bahamas in June for a few days, and in between that time I’ll be doing a fitness photo shoot for my site. I want to make sure that I’m in great shape for this shoot so I decided I’ll be staying away from alcohol until then.

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Office Yoga Series- Desk Setup

My good friend and amazing yoga instructor Ms. Victoria Chin came into the office to help with a put together my Office Yoga video series. Victoria and I will be going over some office friendly yoga stretches and moves to keep you from long term aches and pains.

For the first installment of our office yoga videos I wanted to start with desk setup and proper posture. The human body wasn’t designed to sit down all day, but most of you spend it day on your butts.

Take a look at the video and follow these 3 simple tips when you’re in front of the computer:

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Who says you can’t have dessert after a workout? Try Stuffed Almond Butter and Chocolate Protein Bar Bananas

After a workout you want to be replenished. If I’m having a low carb day I crave sugar or some sort of sweets. Usually, I’ll have a scoop of almond butter or a protein shake to satisfy that craving and it does the trick. This time though, I wanted something with a bit more substance so I gave this new recipe a try. I took this recipe out of Jamie Olivers cookbook and substituted the chocolate for a protein bar.

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5 tips to beat MONDAYS

Monday’s don’t typically depress me like most of my co workers. I’ve learned to accept Mondays as another opportunity to perform better at my workplace and at the gym than I have in the previous weeks. This Monday, I’ve  marked off on my calendar for a few weeks as I’ll be a guest in attendance at the Oprah Life class in Toronto. With special guests Tony Robbins, Iyvana Vanzant, Bishop TD Jakes, and Deepak Chopra.

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Easter Leftovers? Try this Paleo Passover Lamb Recipe

I went to visit my favorite butcher La Boucherie Fine Meats at the St Lawrence Market in Toronto this weekend. I was pleased to see how busy they were with the amount of customers that flocked to the St. Lawrence Market on the weekend. It could also be that this past week National Geographic recently ranked St Lawrence Market as the WORLDS best food market. This landmark has been serving the city of Toronto fine meats, foods, cheeses for over 200 years.

My good friend Dina at La Boucherie was telling me that they the lamb skewers were a popular hit this week, with Passover and Greek Easter all landing around this time of the year. So I thought I’d give the lamb a shot and try my hand at a paleo lamb recipe.

This is a great meal for a hungry family also! Lamb is very filling with one serving of lamb containing 331 total calories and it’s high in cholesterol also. This stir fry isn’t considered a “leaner” stir fry if you’re looking to put on size this would be a good meal to make as lamb is loaded with vitamins, minerals and 28g of protein. 4 oz of lamb has roughly 27g of fat which is higher than your recommended daily fat intake.

Enjoy your long weekend! 5 Fitness Reminders for the Holidays

For many of us we’ll get to enjoy a long weekend with friends and family. It can be difficult at times like this to stick to your diet and fitness plan with these social obligations. The Easter long weekend for my family means getting together and watching the kids hunt for Easter eggs and of course gorge on Mom’s amazing feasts.

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